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Penis skin won't heal


Penis skin won't heal

The past month through masturbating I rubbed some skin on my shaft raw ( area right under head on left side).
Since then, I continued to do PE, and I am now noticing it really isn’t healing right because I did not give the skin enough time to heal. 3 weeks later it looks like a burn area or something like that. It is still pink and looks a bit raw. It just refuses to heal at all.

Please, I need some advice!

Try some Neosporin with a gauze bandage overnight and take a day off from PE. If it doesn’t get better after that, I would go see the doctor.

If you don’t have any Neosporin, you can try Bag Balm or even Vasoline.

I’d say take a week off PE.

Yeah, settle down and behave yourself. Take a week off and try not to toot your own horn. All will be fine. I used to rub myself raw, so bad it hurt to wear pants.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I just got over this…..pinkish skin that looks like scar tissue. Take at least 2 weeks off or you might end up with a real scar. If you have a pump, you can do this exercise after a week.

Thanks guy! I appreciate so many responses so quickly.

What the fuck was I thinking. Of course you should give yourself more than one day off.

Could you possibly have eczema?

If you’re still willing to believe anything I say, you might want to try some cortisone ointment if the sore doesn’t heal in a couple of days. Read the directions, though. Cortisone isn’t recommended for some types of sores.

If it feels like it burns then I’v had that as well, only on the underside about half way down the shaft… Do exactly as Modestoman and Twat says, only I used Neosporin 3x /day and took it east.. It went about in about a week…


Whatever it actually is, it has not gotten better since my first post. Still looks red and raw.

Been there, done that. Time off, neosporin is the best advice you can get, take it and heal.


WOW I have this exact same problem. But the red/pinkish sore has been here for a while now though. It will most likely scar. Neosporin and rest? I’m gonna give it a try. I’ll be back.

Try Bag Balm you can get it at most Walgreens.

You just have to let it heal. Get some vitamin C too… start slamming down orange juice or something, you might be surprised. Your body needs certain things to heal, too, just like a car needs gas. It works for me.

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I started this thread, and just wanted to say that my skin has finally healed. By not masturbating more than a week over the course of 2 months and giving jelqing a break, it has finally healed it. It does take time, and will eventually heal on its own!

At first I had trouble with it healing because a penis always expands and contracts and the skin would crack. Seemed like it would never heal. When i started using moisturizer on the area this skin wouldn’t crack anymore, thus letting the skin heal.

I responded to this thread a while back, see above. Well my red mark is still there. I haven’t touched it in 3 weeks. I applied neosporin 3-4x a day. The raw spot is still there. What am I missing. Not masturbating for almost 3 weeks now is starting to be too much haha. I just don’t understand why it isn’t healing. I went to the doc and he told to put some hydrocortisone on it. I’ve been doing that for the past week and still not healing. I don’t really understand why he told me to get that, because I believe that is for bug bites, poison, etc.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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