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Penis pop sound


Penis pop sound

Hi boyz. First off all I wanna say hi to all of the members of this wonderful forum , I have had a nice time reading the site but now is time to post myself:

I encountered 2 problems , 1st is regarding PE , ans 2nd is regarding a question from urology.I have visited 2 urologist but they could not find my problem .and I have seen here guys that are far more knowledge about the male reproduction system than many urologist.


About 2 months ago , I bend my fully erect penis downwoards.and he make a pop sound at the base pretty loud.and I lose the erection in say 10 I don`t have anymore matinal erections and I can`t maintain a erection during intercourse Sad.when I sit down it`s a little easyer to stay erect for intercourse , but if I stand on my feet .. The erection go away in 10 - 15 seconds.Sad now when I try to push my penis down , it doesn’t make this sound again.but I heard a sound like a “creak” on the hand know what my mean.. Until this unhappy event I have had erection that stay even if I don`t touch the penis for 10 lose it in 10 seconds.


I have a problem with my semen: large and yellow clumps are in it( about 60% of the semen is this clumps).it has the consistency of the jelly.and I can barley ejaculate beaucause of them.I visited two urologist has I said and they give me:

1 week - metronidazol , and after this didn’t work out they give me 2 weeks of ciprofloxacin + doxicicline , but without a improvement .. I give up visiting them as they said they have no clue what`s happening .I have this stuff for 4 -5 years now.I`m 21.

It sounds like you have a urinary trait infection, but it is hard to give any advice when two urologist had direct examination. The only thing to say is: try speaking with another urologist.

About your pop-related problem, out of a tunica tear I can’t think to anything else. Did you notice an hematoma in your penis? Pain? If not, maybe it is just a lig-pop without anatomic consequences and your problems with EQ are caused by the anxiety that came by that.

So said, wait for a better opinion here, since I’m not exactly the most educated in this field around here.

Regarding to the semen problem: the jelly is just in the semen.the urine is clear.regarding the pop: I don’t think is anxiety because when I sit down I can keep my penis erect with a little stimulation , but if I am on my feats .even with stimulation I lose the erection in 10 -15 seconds.I had not have any hematoma in the penis.however .I can tell where the “pop” was.about 0.5 cm after the pubic bone.before this pop I could not bend my penis down when erect and having difficulties even when I pee ( when I have had erection) because the high angle erection.but now.after the pop.I can push my penis at a very low angle.thing that I could not ever accomplished before the pop.and other thing that I want to mention is that now when I move my erect penis ( up-down) I hear a pretty strange sound .like a door without oil.sorry for the bad English.

Ok, I think you’ve hurt your suspensory ligs. Maybe you have injured a vein also, it sounds like you have a venous leakage. But, as said, it is hard to guess without direct examination, and I’m not an urologist anyway. I think you should see a Doc.

Erect penises are not meant to bend downward. What probably happened is you bruised a suspensory ligament (you have two). This will heal in most cases. Don’t do any PE for awhile and see if the problem doesn’t resolve on its own. If it does not in about two weeks, see a urologist about it. This can be repaired.

If you need to pee when you wake and you have an erection at the same time, bend over the toilet. Do not bend the erection downward.

Semen is often yellowish in color and can be “clumpy” as well. You are 21 now and have had this for five years. At 15 or 16 yrs of age, your reproductive system probably matured. You may just have thick/clumpy semen, like a lot of other guys. If you are concerned about it, ask your urologist to arrange a semen analysis, which would include a sperm count. The drug you took is used to treat protazoas - little creatures some men can pick up from women. Here is the United States it is called Flagyl and is often taken for trichomonas. However, if you had that you would have a nasty discharge from the end of your penis and ejaculation would likely be quite painful. I was told when I had it that only about 2 percent of men are susceptible to trich.



Hi avocet8. Regarding the semen problem , this is not normal ( the two urologist that I go say is not normal too , but they say that they don’t know why this happening and that they are sorry that they could not help me).I have had a spermogram + spermoculture like I say and I was diagnosed with trichomonas vaginalis , I took the metronidazol for 1 week , but this didnt clear the jelly up , and so I`ve ending to take a 2 week course of ciprofloxacin + doxicicline ( this didnt clear up the yellow stuff eighter).I have uploaded a picture of it . Regarding the penis bent .I hope it will heal :( .it has been about two months from then.also.I don’t know if this matters.but I don’t have anymore the matinal erections :( I didn`t have one from then) .but if I am really really horny .I can keep my erection.but with lot of simulation and no longer than 2 minutes if I am on my feets.I am terified from what I heard about venous leakage.:( I hope is not this.

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Ouch! That doesn’t look to be in the “normal” range. Do you also have a discharge from your urethra? Any itching? Pain on ejaculation?

Trich is difficult to treat in guys. I’ve had it at least five times. Flagyl (metronidazol) is usually prescribed for ten days here in the US. What you need to do is have another test for trichonomas vaginalis to determine if the “critters” are still there. They set up house in the prostate gland.

Forget about venous leakage. We’ve had a mini-epidemic here since that thread appeared. :)

Get another test for the trich. You may need a longer course of the drug than you were given.



Thanks avocet8 , excelent advices. No discharge from the urethra.but 4-5 times in 5 years.then.the discharge was the exactly substance that is in my semen and not suposed to bee there.just that jelly come out.I`m thinking it could be a cyst or big pain.just a slighty discomfort.I think you have understand it after you saw the pain on ejaculation , no itching.

Lig pops are normal and usually not harmful. You may have been training wayyyy to hard. (I’m one to talk) , you may have damaged the muscle that keeps you erect. Aswell as above. Read up. There’s plenty of success stories aswell as people who have injured them selves.

Have you tried drugs? Viagra etc? Not saying as a solution, but to try and help us all figure out what happened to you. If drugs don’t work at all it maybe a psychical problem.

Hi. I have tried viagra , and worked successfully , but I heard that viagra could help you even you have a minimal - medium physical injury.I think I know what is the problem .I injured the suspensory ligament .I fell it physical .but this condition can give me ED ? Because Suspensory Lig is just a .lig.I don`t think is has to do with blood flow and stuff like that.Thanks all for help , and please be safe.

Go see a doctor. Now! Why do you presume you can hurt your penis the way you can hurt other parts of your body if you do things that they are not meant to do? If you twisted your ankle in the same way you would see your doctor. He/she won’t be shocked. Its the kind of thing that might happen wtih sex anyway.

Hi Ka,

It sounds like you have damaged the suspensory ligaments of the penis. This was a painful condition in my case. Stop all PE until it completely heals. Not sure what has happened to your semen, hopefully time will heal it. For me the quality of erections was poor due to the poor quality of sleep I was getting, due to the ligament pain. Unfortunately I have experience of this type of pain and problem. I started a thread on it, check it out and see if any of the symptoms are similar. The thread was called “Broken penis suspensory ligament and repair”. I hope it may help in some way.

If you need further info from someone with experience of this type of problem do not be afraid to ask. You are among friends here, good luck with the recovery.

Always be cool.

Now BPEL 7.75 EG 5.80 Goals for 2013 improved E Quality + BPEL 8.25 6.0 EG Long term goals, 8.75

No pain for me.not even a slightly pain.this happen about 2.5 months ago.but if I recall , about 1 year ago.I did the same exactly thing.I heard the pop sound.but not as louder than 2.5 month ago.and I didn`t have any problem with erection & morning wood after that.ohhh .is so damn complicated.the thing is that about ~3 month ago.I find out that my 3.5 years girlfriend that I have.has cheating me badly.and I got very sad and unconfined .could this be related? But I guess if I this was the problem.I would have night and morning wood.and.I don`t.:(

Update .Today I got the first morning wood after 3 months I think .:) I was not 95.but it was.waiting to get them more and moreeee

Good news, Ka2. You might be on the mend.



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