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Penis Limp on 1 side,HELP!!


Penis Limp on 1 side,HELP!!

Ok, the name’s a little misleading, it may not be that drastic an issue, however it does promote some cause for concern, to bring me about to writing this. Any-who cut a long story short, best way to explain it’s like this;

When my penis gets erect, and I push on the left side slightly away from the centre-point, it “pings” back nicely the erection feels firm and decent, however, when I do this on the right hand side, and push slightly towards the left, there is no “ping” back and it just feels limp and UN-STURDY(this being the most definitive characteristic of my problem). This is no psychological it is 100% a physical factor, and no silly questions like why am I pushing on my dick’s side anyways, its irrelevant. Its just a problem I noticed that has caused me some minor discomfort, and I’d like to address it now, as its been bugging me for a while now.

Thanks for reading, and thank you in advance for any help offered, as small as it may be, all’s appreciated.


P.S my thoughts we’re some kind of right side suspensory ligament damage has been done, but what do I know? Someone let me know if I’m right or wrong.

This is rather confusing, are you onboard a nautilus class submarine, by any chance?

Not cool dude. There are people with a lot heavier damage here.

How can you judge who is most damaged Owen?You do not a diagnosis, so you cant really make that comment and validate it, because it could be quite serious for all you and I know, HENCE me posting for help and/or information. Now any serious replies that might actually be helpful, instead of stupid people undermining things they no nothing about?

thankyou again


And no kountrykarl no submarines around here buddy! If theres something you want to know though just ask and I’ll try my best to explain.

Do you think it’s muscle related? You could try hanging a light cloth at the end, laying on your side and doing resistance erect kegels and see if that does anything.

Do you sleep on your side by any chance?

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Originally Posted by Scratchy

…instead of stupid people undermining things they no nothing about?

Insulting fellow members is not a good idea, mate. Just a friendly warning, some mods can be a little trigger-happy at times.

Leave it alone. That is the best advice anyone can give you. Use hot wraps if there is no blood coming out of the head. That is generally how you go with injuries. If it doesn’t go away in a day or two, get professional help.

Do you have a curve in your penis even very slightly?

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Owen its not cool that you and other injured guys are using every opportunity to remind everyone that you are injured. I get it, I think many others get it too. I don’t understand what your trying to accomplish, it is not productive.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Thank you bluray. I’m not trying to compete with anyone elses injurys here, and Im sorry if owen feels I’m stealing his shine or something, but I just want help on my own personal issue, small as it may be.

Yes I do have a curve, but its not to the left or right, which is what I presume you were getting at, its a downward one.

And to jawbone, it could very well be muscle related, what made you say that? I say this because, when I feel my BC muscle under the penis, it feels pretty much non-existent under the side at problem, but the other side feels considerably more muscularly built up and tougher in general. And yes I do sleep on my side, and its usually the right, any significance you reckon? So is a broke S.Lig out of the question then?

Thank you for all your responses.

Has it been like this even before you PE? To what I have noticed, since starting PE, most guys (including me) become very conscious of their dick that it’s as if we always try to find something wrong with it. Since I started PE, I notice every small details about my penis like how it doesn’t feel like it used to, how it looks like compared before, you know things like those. I think some of those are psychological and some are real.

Hmm, thats a good point you raise absolute_zero. In addition to it being a physical problem, me noticing it could’ve been psychological based on my PE endeavors…interesting. I also have fluctuating ED, so this could attribute to me noticing/trying to find faults with my unit also.

Well anyways, if it was there or not, does anyone else noticed different levels of re-tractability, when moving there penis left and right when erect? Basically I can’t get a proper erection if lying on my right side, with the right side of my penis against my mattress, its really uncomfortable when I do. Left fine though, actually feels better to press it against the mattress when I do get one at night or in the morning. It’s very peculiar. I suppose I just like to know my body inside out,so I’m wondering why this is the case

I would definetly watch the sleeping patterns if thats what you’re thinking may be causing it. It may be hard to change for some, but a week of sleeping on your back could tell if you this is your problem or not. Also, hot wraps and massages seem to be the trick for many injuries. I would take some time off too. Best of luck.

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Bluray and Sctratchy I must say you amaze me.

Sctratchy the whole point is that anyone here could’ve made a thread like you did and attract attention out of proportion to his injury. Instead we stood in line and beg for help over PMs. Not that I would like to control what you’re doing but it’s not class.

Bluray, sorry dude we’re not on the same page. I have zero desire to remind anyone of anything. You’re way off.

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