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Penis Injury

Penis Injury

Hello everyone

I recently suffered a strange injury to my penis and things haven’t really gotten any better. I am not entirely new to PE because I practiced it for about a month around 2 years ago and was fine. Recently however I decided to get back into and I lost my erections entirely. I will try to be as detailed as possible.

Basically around 2 months ago I decided to get back into PE full force and stick with. I had done all my homework and for the most part knew what I was doing. I was exercising for around 2 weeks, a total of about 8 days of jelqing. I warmed up properly and stretched and jelqed,in that order exactly. My erections became weaker and weaker until I finally lost all erections. I then decided to stop PE after I noticed it wasn’t a temporary side effect. For around 3 weeks I noticed my penis in the same flaccid state. There was no pain, discoloration of any kind. Basically my penis just didn’t want to get hard and therefore I didn’t masturbate at all. I tried to not think about it at all and just continued with my life.

After the 3 weeks I once again noticed that “leaving it alone” wasn’t enough for it to heal. So I asked around and was told to hot wrap each day for a certain time, around an hour to aid the healing process. When I hot wrapped I began to see positive change. It was minor because all I really saw was my morning wood return. It wouldn’t last for that long but it came back none the less.

Once I noticed this positive result, I foolishly jumped back into PE. I hot wrapped for about 3 days only and then jumped back into a beginner PE routine. Course when I noticed my EQ wasn’t going back to normal, I stopped all PE. I again rested for 2 weeks. This brings me to this current week, where I have once again began hot wrapping.

Basically what I do is put my penis in a bottle of warm/hot water and let it sit in there until I have to change the water. It’s strange because when my penis is in the bottle and I watch porn, I can get an erection. The erection is 100 percent but doesn’t last that long. It still is something though because without the hot wrap I can’t get an erection.

I am going to stick with this hot wrap thing for about 2 weeks. I think that is a fair amount of time to see results. I was wondering what you guys thought. I also was wondering if you knew what the possible cause of all this may be. I mean what could be going on in my penis that is causing this. I have no bruising, or pain or anything. I thought venus leak but I hope to god that this is not the case. I just am so confused as to what is going on, and reading more about penis injuries just scares me more.

Third and last question. Do you know what the hot wrap is doing exactly. I mean sure we all know it increases blood flow but what else. I mean the increase in blood is helping my penis but what is it doing internally to heal my penis. It would seem like a temporary solution only. I read somewhere that you are almost retraining the veins to hold blood again. Just wondered what some of the more experiences guys thought.

Thanks guys

The heat increases blood flow and makes tissues more pliable. It isa hard to say what is going on in your penis. I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea speaking with an urologist, at least to calm down your mind.

I’m confident that with rest your problem will disappear. When you’ll come back to PE, it will be wise to change something. Maybe jelqs are too hard on your unit, so or you do only very few of them, and with less frequence than commonly suggested, or even switch to another technique - maybe pumping.

Light pumping I’ve heard can be benificial in similar cases, if done at very low pressures. More generally, very light manual work (kinda a gentle stretch and a jelq-like massage) can restore your unit faster than just resting.

A question: are you taking any medicines?

No actually I am not taking anything really. I made sure to think long and hard about any changes whether stress wise, or new medications, and I honestly came up with nothing. Everything pretty much stayed the same. The only variable that I can think of is that I jelqed too hard, which I believe is the case.

Whats interesting is that I just had my first boner without the hot water about an hour ago, I was again testing my erection strength, and I managed to become erect while watching porn. I mean sure it was because I was heating my penis for an hour before, but it’s still another positive sign. It’s actually funny because I remember this occurring a few weeks and I was so excited that I went back to PE. I think it will alright as well, just sucks to have to worry about it. I need to just take care of my unit for now.

Yeah, ligthen up. Having communicated your worries about that here helped a bit I guess - anxiety makes ED way worse.

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