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Penis Injury Question - Peryonie's Disease Diagnosed


Penis Injury Question - Peryonie's Disease Diagnosed

Basically I got Peyronies from rough sex, and met a urologist who told me nothing at all. He seemed very non caring and didn’t even talk to me at all about my condition or didn’t want to give me any comforting words or anything.
So I tried researching my disease and eventually got depressed because everything about it seemed grim.

Eventually I found forums with people managed to fix their problems on their own through penis exercises. I was skeptical when I read they would stretch it like 50 reps or whatever for 30s followed by jelq/bends with something like 50 reps in 3 sets.

I thought that was too extreme - since I don’t know anything about this - but research papers on the subject showed that penis extenders had some effects up to 10-20%.
So I decided to do them VERY lightly and very few reps maybe 10 every other day - I wanted to do something, anything to make me feel like I had the power back. I felt so powerless.

I did these stretched very lightly on and off every other day with no discomfort - maybe a slight soreness at the bend that came and went but it had always been there since I got the condition so I don’t think that’s anything.

Eventually after maybe 20 days I found someone who had the exact same kind of bend as me and how he had manages to correct it after 4 years of stretching and penis hanging and whatnot.
He said the penis would get inflamed and hurt bit you should keep going since it’s the plaque breaking up.

This made sense with the research papers I had read - mind you these were the first things I checked and used as reference when the people doing PE were sharing their experiences.
It seemed consistent with what I found.

So I did a v-stretch basically just a more isolated stretch in both directions where I had the most bend (where the plaque is) and a slight counter bend (very very slightly) I.e a very very slight jelq opposite to the curvature.
I’m very good at sensing pressures strains in my penis at this point so I was very concentrated I just slightly stretched the penis. I was in no discomfort and could feel the area was stretched and the plaque even more so - probably because it’s not as elastic.

I could feel a very slight sting, like I was damaging the plaque since is was isolated in just that area.
I stopped a second after and just did a light massage for a few minutes like playing around with it like I might do otherwise to get some blood in it I even gave it an erection thinking blood flow is good.

1-2 days after I noticed it looked longer and “thicker” when flaccid. Like I had a mini erection - usually it’s just smaller and shrivelled but now it was like I was mini erect.
It looks kind of nice but since it usually isn’t like that this naturally worried me.

The penis also feels more numb, or sore maybe, because I have sensation in it but it feels “worn”. Usually when I “stretch” my penis using my penis base muscles (kegels?) is enough to give me an erection but since my depression medicine this has been reduced and I have to work more for erections.

Now nothing happens after this latest session - it’s just in this mini erect state and doesn’t seem to react when I use my penis muscles now.

This worried me also a lot.

I had a girl over the same day and even if she gave me erections I couldn’t maintain them for long. They came and went and I was very frustrated. It’s like I couldn’t get an erection like it’s just hanging there like some semi erect limp thing.
We lied down and talked while I played with it and eventually I got a good erection and we had sex - we have had sex before so I know how good it could be but now - even if it felt good it felt numb and I had to work harder for my orgasm.

The day after was easier but it still feels like some kind of limp dick.

2-3rd day in thé morning I got an erection when I was relaxed and played around with it - but this limp dick feeling came back after a while and it still feels kind of numb/sore.

The 4th day it was more numb, I was very worried so it could be very psychological - I didn’t manage to get any erections than during the morning and spent the day with a friend to cheer me up.

The 5th day, today, I have managed to get erections easier and I don’t feel as stressed today, it’s still a chore to maintain the erection since I’m still kind of numb and I have to do pumping actions to keep it erect - but the penis doesn’t feel as sore either. I still have to work to get an orgasm - but it feels not as “superficial” I used to feel the orgasm on the tip of my penis but now it feels like it’s the entire penis orgasming.

It seems to be heading in the right direction, I haven’t done any measurements because my goal was to make my penis straight not longer or thicker - so I can’t tell if this has reduced it in size but it “feels” slightly smaller when erect. But then again, that’ not very reliable so I’ll disregard it.

Anyway - does it sound like I’ve injured my penis severely or is this something common? How can I best recover from this?

I haven’t done any stretching or jelqs, but I have regurlarly tried bringing it to erection to keep new blood coming in at regular intervals by kegels and light pumps with my hand (like I usually do to stimulate it),
I have also spent the morning regurlarly heating it with a rice sock to easier make the blood flow in and it has actually helped giving me erections easier.

I am taking vitamin supplements since a few weeks back for the peyronies and I have begun exercising.

Am I on the right track? What kind of injury might I have substained and how long might I recover?

I am meeting a urologist in a few weeks for my peyronies (I complained and he has apologized for his poor service and offered a new booking)
So if this isn’t remedied by then I’ll bring it up - but for now what might have happened? Is it serious? Will it be able to go back to normal and how long do you think it might take?

This was originally posted in Penis Enlargement Basics - hence the title.

I think it is just a mix of anxiety and overwork.

Hi ThePilePE,

Can we start at the start. How did you get a diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease?

Scar tissue is less flexible than normal tissue, as you probably know but you often feel more around the edges of the scarred area, because the normal tissue has to stretch more if the scar tissue cannot.

Feelings of numbness are not good but you have to be sure that it is numbness and not just greater attention being paid to normal feelings. To do this you have to test during a normal time and then retest when you think you are numb. Numbness can be cause by inflammation, so the obvious course of action is gentle massage. Ibuprofen can also help to reduce this in certain circumstances.

Try to lower your anxiety level about this and give it time to recover.

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I got the diagnosis after I detected a lump on the top of my penis - I booked a time with a urologist who confirmed peyronies disease, but that was about it.

“You got peyronies, google it.”, and that was that diagnosis.

The weird part is that the lump went away but my penis started to bend to the left. (Instead of upward)

It started bending maybe 1-2 weeks after and now has a 20-30 degree bend to the left 3 months later but seems to have stopped.

Yes that’s my plan of action now keeping me occupied with my interests because looking up information on peyronies and other information about penile afflictions is really depressing - I’m going to go exercising in an hour or so. (Spinning)

I will keep checking with your responses but other than that I won’t look up any more information on peyronies, PE techniques or anything until this - whatever this is - has passed.

Even then I won’t probably do it again because this scare has been very psychologically demanding - I just hope it’s something I can recover from.

Ibuprofen - are you talking about pil or gel? Because right now I’m taking the pill and putting Voltaren gel on the penis.

That’s not really the kind of response you want from a healthcare professional.

With that diagnosis, probably the best PE advice would be to stick to low tension stretches and massage and monitor carefully.

Ibuprofen pills would be fine but the gel would also work. Be careful with long term and over use of Ibuprofen and try to take it with food, it is quite nasty.

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I know right?

I sent an angry letter and told the hospital it was bullshit and they gave me a new booking, and a letter of apology from the urologist.

I probably won’t do any stretches but I will definitely massage it and making it erect now and then to keep supplying new blood.

No masturbation but that’s not really a problem, the antidepressants have diminished my sexdrive a little so I’m fine with not masturbating - I prefer to wait until some girl is interested but even then I will take it very easy.

I will be careful with the ibuprofen stuff!

Originally Posted by marinera
I think it is just a mix of anxiety and overwork.

Do you mean I am overworked or the pensi is overworked?

The penis is overworked. Overwork is very relative. Anxiety is the major component I guess though. I don’t see anything you did could cause an injury.

No me neither, I thought I was very careful.

On a positive note the penis seems to become more responsive for each day.

Day 6 now and it seems like it’s a litte easier to get it going even if it takes some work and it still feels “numb”,
And it’s a little easier to hold an erection.

I am more convinced that it’s an inflammation, because when I’m trying to get it going and am pressing harder it gets stimulated enough to start filing up and starts acting “like it shoud”.

My guess right now is that the inflammation is numbing the penis, which is why I have a harder time making it erect and why kegels doesn’t stimulate it at all like it usually does.

Could you explain what it means the penis is overworked? Are we talking imflammations? What are the symptoms?

Wait, you can get peryonie’s Disease from Rough Sex?!?! No one told me that. This website is fucked. THUNDER, I SUMMON YOU TO MAKE IT KNOWN!

I must clarify that it wasn’t just the rough sex - I was eating and sleeping irregurlarly while having rough sex quite often (1-3 times a day for maybe 1.5 months - went down to 3 times a week and then down to 1 time a week)

I was also very stressed - so I imagine all these factors together didn’t give it enough time to heal between sessions and got damaged.

The girl had also extremly powerful orgasms and would push my penis out from the cramps, I suspect that would also be a contributing factor.

So yes, rough sex + bad habits can equal peyronies.

Rough sex is the most common cause of penile fracture actually. Peyronie’ disease seems to have genetical causes.

I’m not ruling out genetics - and I’m no expert I have only spent maybe 5 weeks checking on and off on research papers, and what I found during this time was trauma to the penis was one major factor and another were health concerns like diabetes or hormonal issues / genetics.

Might as well give an update:

Then penis continous to be sore with very varying degree of being able to either get or maintain an erection, I am being booked a time with a urologist about that and my peyronies and have been given viagra in the meantime.

Viagra is fucking amazing.

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