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Penis Extender Damage

Penis Extender Damage

I hurt my penis. 2 years ago. I used a Penisextender. My glans penis was sometimes blue and cold after a session. I’ve taken two hours worn short break and again taken two hours. This I have done for 2-3 weeks. I did not think it is so bad. Since then, at a session he was totally blue and cold. I have the Extender settled and something happened. Since then, my penis is no longer as before. I can not get an erection of Visual Stimulation. I can watch porn and without physical stimulation stirs almost nothing. I used to direct a stand get before the accident. Since then, my penis is small I 1 inch in length and lost almost 1 inch in width. Also, I often need constant stimulation so that the penis does not limp when I stop making it quickly goes limp. Without 5mg cialis Daily I get Now a semi-rigid with cialis I get it at a constant pacing back in missionar to obtain a stiff and get reasonably satisfactory sex. I feel less of my penis. It’s as if no longer connected with my brain and penis. Moreover, the two corpora cavernosa are rock hard in Unerected state and the penis is much smaller and colder pulled together. It is very sad .It is very funny. I was not the urologist. But I think . I have nerve damage, venous leak, and the corpora cavernosa are somehow changed. Did any of you even as an injury or he has to do what you can do or do you think it will heal over time on their own? It is very bad. Even if I is a pump also use one before strange phenomenon erection that is inside the pump increases during the pumping off completely and it is not hard in the pump as if the blood would run out also he no longer goes on as a Ballong and is not more as long as previously very funny all. It is now two years ago and it has become a little better with cialis 5 mg and 5 g it is reasonably passable sex but no longer as before pity a pity I had a good penis and great sex and now something something makes a sick ..

 Do you also have such injuries?
Do you know someone? Do you have tips. Do you think it could still cure? I’m just twenty-five. It’s very sad.

i do not want to call myself expert nor want to be biased but you an check here for answers to your problems Injuries and Treatments

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