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Penis Curve :(

Penis Curve :(

Hi guys the thing is I’ve got a bit of a dilemma my penis seems to be getting more curved than it used to be, the curve is just under the head of the penis and curves to the left. I have not done any PE for a few months and would like to get back into it as my EQ is very poor as of late, I am also in a new relationship and would love to be confident that my erection is not going to let me down. I’ve always been insecure with my size even though I’m average which has led to performance anxiety and Erectile dysfunction on more than one occasion. The thing is I’m scared that I could make my curve worse starting PE again, I have done quite a lot of research about Peyronies disease and penis curves, and would like to hear from anyone who has straightened any curvature of the penis, and what method did you use. I have read that extender devices can help straighten a curve and I am also sure I once read an article from DR Levine about the use of penis pumps to help straighten a curve. I have enclosed a picture of my curve, any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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You should go see a doctor. If you hard the curve before than it’s not a big deal but if it happened recently you should see a doctor about it.

Lightweight, 1. That is a small curve, I’d probably be bothered by it too, cause I’m a perfectionist type, but its really not a big deal. 2. I had a small curve developing to the left, only around mid shaft about 8 years ago, when I jelqed for about 6 months 6-7 years ago, no bullshit, it straightened it out, now my dick is pretty dam straight, maybe like a 2 degree curve or something. Many have stated ADS, jelqing and stretching have all straightened curves out.

Regards to the advice of going to a doctor, don’t bother, you will b wasting your primary care provider or urologist’s time as they have real issues to deal with. There are some medicines a urologist could give you, but it likely won’t do much and if a doctor is gonna do that, he will have to diagnose it first, if the doc sees the curve you have, you will not be treated.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

Thanks for the advice guys, Hardbody I guess like you, I too am a perfectionist and that’s probably why it bothers me more, as it does not cause any pain as of yet. I’ll start my PE journey once more and once I’ve conditioned my penis enough I’ll try an extender device.

Guys I would like some help about this matter.. I have a curve just lightweight has as it’s shown in the picture and a bit more upward and more to the left!! I was very concerned and dissapointed that I visited some doctors who all said it was nothing to be bothered but I really think it is much of a deal for me as I am not very confident in having sex.. So I bought a andropenis device 5 days ago and I decided to start the newbie routine as I am new to the PE.. What I would like to ask for is if anyone know any more specific routine for straightening my curve or any use information about how to jelq or stretch in order to achieve straightening.. I am not trying to overdo and I am delusioned that I will straighten my dick overnight but I really need some help for this matter as I don’t want to make my penis longer but still has this curve.. It would be more dissapointing.. Does PE helps with straightening the curve? Hope to answer guys and any help would be very appreciated.

Lightweight, that thing looks bigger than average - what are your stats?

My dick used to be as straight as an arrow, but once I started pulling on it, I developed a small curve to the left too. Fucking sucks.

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