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Penile doppler

Penile doppler

I did too many erect jelqs way back over a year ago and my penis has never fully recovered.

The urologist said that my loss in length and girth (measurable) was “normal” and dismissed it.

He said I could have a doppler scan done to see how blood flow is occuring.

I personally think it is useless to get this done. I know because of the size and strength of my erections that I have lost SIZE. My erections are fewer, weaker and not as comfortable when I flex. My base girth has shrunk considerably. Furthermore, my penis cannot recover as quickly as before. I believe all of these make it obvious that blood vessels or veins have been damaged and are resulting in my cock losing size and being pathetic for the most part.

When I get aroused, it doesn’t flow into my dick as quickly and the erections are at 9 o’clock rather than 10 or 11.

So let’s say I get this doppler thing done, will they just tell me what I already know (poor blood flow)?

I am interested in healing myself. Is time, rest and not touching my penis the only things that will help it heal? If so, I can just skip the doppler crap altogether.

Is there anything I can do to fix ruptured veins, or just wait?

I don’t know my friend. I wish you weren’t in this boat, but I would definitely get it done. Leave the wang alone too except to take a whiz. Hopefully a person with medical knowledge will respond.

Good luck my friend

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

The Doppler color sonogram is usually used to determine if there is any venous leakage going on - more outflow through veins than arterial flow in is able to compensate for. It is a painless test and does not take long. The Doppler can usually pinpoint the locations of leakage, if there is any.

A very experienced urlologist can tie off the culprit veins with pretty good success, about 80 percent; there is always a chance that leakage can re-occur months down the road. If you do have the test and do have leakage, do some research to find out which surgeon has done the most of these proceedures.

Usually a cock ring (shaft only) will help a whole lot. Viagra also is very effective.




What erect exercises where you doing besides erect jelqing?

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I was doing hard erect jelqs for one or two days. I always have masturbated a lot and I think that didn’t let the penis heal itself.

I’m 22 and I don’t want to have to use Viagra or a cock ring. If there is venuous leakage, am I to assume that it is indeed permanent, or will rest “heal” the area?


I’m assuming of course a urologist would cut the veins off with surgery?

In any event, be brutally honest, will my dick ever recove by not touching it, to the point where it was before?


The venous leakage theory is but one possibility - and understandably at the top of the list because the chronoogy of events suggests this is the result of trauma as opposed to the other possibilities for ED.

At any rate, have you tried Viagra? I ask not because I think you need to use it in a permanent, life long capacity but because maybe through achieving maximum erection over the course of a few days/weeks it is possible to improve compromised blood flow - if this is indeed something other than leakage.

It’s just a thought and not a scientific opinion. But I have heard of guys with severe ED being surprised by non-Viagra induced erections after taking V for a period of time.

You would, of course, want to avoid stressing any intense erection that resulted from V and instead just let it remind your internals of what 100% is like.

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