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Penile curvature

Penile curvature

Hello guys,

First post.. :)

I’ve been searching for Urology materials about straightening penis.. Found the below.
Did anyone already buy that pdf document ?


Correction of Penile Curvature Using The 16-DOT Plication Technique: A Review of 132 Patients


Keywords: curved, bent, bend

I’ll say it again.. YOU DON’T WANT A STRAIGHT PENIS.

If you do it slams into the cervical bone or something like that and hurts REALLY bad. You want a penis that is a little bit above parallel to the floor and has a slight curve at the end. This allows for most amount of sexual positions the ability to give a woman a deeper, warmer orgasm.

I am sure there are a bunch of threads on this issue. But Jake15, I want to know what way the penis curve is you are talking about. I figure you mean a upward curve. All so mine curves to the left not up or down. I lose about an 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch because or that curve. How do you think a curve left or right effects a women.

As westla90069 says, “it’s not a bone”.

As far as I know - it has no effect on a women, as it will curve to her shape.

So why worry about it (unless it’s just cosmetic) - for the look I mean.

I personally think a little upward curve does seem to help.

You are in luck

Hi Longfx,

I just so happen to be a graduate at a university. I have full access to papers like these through our institutional subscription. I have attached the PDF copy of the paper you are interested in. I hope this helps.



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Thanks for sharing the document, DirtyMagic.

I was wondering, has anyone here undergone curvature correction with this technique? I am considering corrective surgery myself. Do you think it will hinder PE afterwards?

I just read the pdf, thanks for sharing.

It looks like an interesting procedure, stitching the tunica and leaving most of the other “important bits” alone. Sounds good.

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