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Pea sized clog or clot

Pea sized clog or clot

I have another clot, but this one is rather large. I have been hanging and clamping for 8 months now and I have 1 other clot that was much smaller, maybe a bb size. It resolved itself after a week or so. I’m taking aspirin and using heat and laying off my workouts. However, I read in a few places to massage it and even try and push it aggressively back up the vein. And that I might hear a pop if it breaks free. Is that really ok? Sounds like a bad idea to me. Here is the tread that I read about it in:

I pushed on a clot and felt it pop, I might pass out of vomit :)

Also, you hear about clots breaking free and traveling to someones brain, heart or lung and killing them. Are these clots dangerous like that?

Once again, this cleared for me on it’s own. Took 4 painful days, but it’s gone. I did take some aspirin and used heat + massage. Looks like no more ADC for me

I have gotten it as well, near the glands, hurt like hell but massaged it away in one round and now I always makes sure do massage the penis, especially on the spot where I have gotten it and use plenty of moisted heat after a session to keep it away and prevent new ones.

All mine have been near the base and they are gnarly. You can feel the lump and then the backed up vein going into your body. I’m quite sure this last one was from wearing an ADC device. I fashioned one that was slightly tighter then my old one. Wore it during a workout. I think blood flow stopped in that vein which is why it clotted

Sounds harsh and glad you fixed it, now you know better at least, pain is learning I guess, lol.

Fuck! Another one. I’m not really sure why these keep popping up. This time, I did my normal hanging routine and then some dry jelqing.

I’m just posting this shit for my own record.

This time I hung 3x20x15lbs. Dry jelqed pretty aggressive for 100 reps. No cool down. Put on cloths and ran an errand. Felt nice a big the whole time I was out. Was feeling so big when I got home I went to take a look and noticed the same clot in the same place.

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