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PC Dependent

PC Dependent

This is not PE related, but I have a problem. Ever since I started masturbating as a kid, I believe at 12, I tensed my legs and tightened my PC muscle. I just wanted to orgasm as fast as possible. Now I’m 21 and have just stopped doing this, realizing I cannot get an erection without flexing this muscle. I know there are threads about this already, but there isn’t much out there on treating this. How can I rewire my brain and my body to function normally again. I researched and found reverse kegels to be an option, but does anyone have a routine to follow to get me back on track. Also, I looked up a little on hypnotism to rewire my brain. There are impotence scripts around 30 minutes long, that are supposed to train your body to be relaxed during arousal. It is mostly for guys with performance anxiety, but I think training my body to relax could be helpful. What do you guys think?

The more you learn and do new things, the more you become them.
Just train yourself NOT to tense your legs when masturbating, having sex and when you PE!
That’s the only way to go.. building new paths in your brain. Forget using your legs and focus on kegels right above your penis base.
Take 10 min a day.. 1 on 1 off.. and doin just a kegel routine, when it’s you and your body. Build that 10 min time to 20 min. That’s what i do! Even that muscle needs rest..
You can start out with light 10 reps 1 seconds contractions.. rest 30 seconds X 3
That’s the warmup!
Then 3 seconds holds X 10.. rest! Followed by 5 sseconds holds X 5.. rest! Medium strength!
Second part! Long holds.. 1 10 second hold.. paus wirh two deep breaths.. then after 1 20 seconds hold X 3.. paus for 1 min or so! Finish with 10-30 fast contractions.. try to contract your kegel harder and harder the more you reach 20 second.
That’s it! Rest one day and do it again the day after your restday.
Don’t forget to feel relaxed when doin these and focus on your breathing. For example, take a deep breath then push and kegel when you breath out. For the faster kegels faster breathing.

Try it man, it’s a good start to get a rock hard erection!

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Heat is the key!

Thanks man I’ll give it a try

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I wouldn’t do reverse Kegel’s, just regular Kegel’s.

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