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Partially torn, white frenulum?

Partially torn, white frenulum?

Hello there guys. I didn’t know if this belongs to the Sexual Health forum, but anyway…
I’m a 23 y/o, pretty healthy, PEing for some time, kind of on and off. A couple of weeks ago I started Newbie Routine again, and it was going very well. Since paying close attention to having an active and healthy lifestyle, EQ has never been a problem for me, and the sessions of Dry Jelqing made me wake up with a rock hard penis.

However, a couple of days ago that morning boner caused me a bit of pain. Not really hurting, but uncomfortable. Going to pee, I noticed that my frenlum was different than usual. It has become white, and looks like it is starting to tear apart. It is like. not smooth, but edged. Like a rope that if stretched too much begins to tear apart.

It isn’t as dramatic as I have described it, I just wanted to give you a precise as possible idea of how it looks like, but when at rest it doesn’t hurt. Only when I’m 100% erect and the foreskin is stretched I can feel the pain.

I have took some days of rest but still no sign of improvement. Anybody already had this problem? Should I worry about it?

I slightly teared my frenlum when I was 21, the result of getting my penis into an tight vagina.

I went to the doctor, and showed him, and he advised me just to rest it, and not to worry.

I don’t remember doing anything special to allow it to heal, and I don’t think I rested too long either.

These days, (25+ years after the injury) I’m still weary, avoiding PE exercises or handling that put stress on the area.

Overall though, it has never been a big problem. :)

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Buy a small tube of antibiotic cream with pain relief. Should give fast relief and healing.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


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