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Painfull glands

Painfull glands

Ok guys here is the deal. I have had enough of this.For over a year now,before pe,i have had occasional pain in the area just below the head and above the circumsision mark.It is like a sting sensation whenever my dick rubs against anything.(this isnt all the time just once in a while.)I attribute this too years of masterbation not usin lube and doping it ptretty rough in my opinion.and it almost always hurts when i purposelly rub there.I dont know if that is the only reason for this pain but im looking to you guys for some advice on what it may be and howe too treat it. thanks in advance guys.(again…not directlly pe related)

Here is a update on my last post here.although everything i said in a bove post remains i noticed that it is the tip of my head that pain is shoting down from.(i also had this happen sometimes before i started pe).I guess at some point in my youth i screwed up a nerve at some point and it just comes back to haunt me now and agasin. not ure.thanks for any responses.

Sounds like nerve pain. If its located in the center top of the shaft just below the head then thats the location of a nerve bundle.

If thats it then simply avoid that area for grips and jelq strokes and it will calm by itself.

exactly.Thats the fealing.thanks again is going away slowly.I know i have weakened nerves somewhere up there and i must have squeezed to hard while doing a stretch.i did a half ass session today just to be safe.

When I stretch I use an overhand ok so that the soft skin between thumb and forefinger cover this area. I also use padding and try to ensure most pressure is on the sides.

Maybe that would help.

Same Deal


I had what I think is the same problem. It has gone now that I have stopped my PEing for the last 6 weeks, so I feel that what I had was definitely PE related.

Tell me if this sounds similar, I had the occassional “shooting” pain on the side of my unit sometimes shooting down from the head to about mid shaft. It came at different times and wasn’t consistant. It almost felt like a sudden, intense tighting of the skin in the area of the pain even though it may not have had any phsyical contact whatsoever.

Anyway, I hope that it has disappated by now for you, but rethink you idea that it is not PE related. In my case, it was.


It is somewhat similar.even though it has now gone but there was only pain when my head rubbed on something(like my boxers mattress etc).I have felt this before,most likely from being to rough.

Now that im looking back i think i had the glans twisted while doing a fowfer stretch,that might have set it of,but it has happened before starting pe.

Thanks for the concern and glad your feeling better!

Glad to hear it;s gone retsnom.
I am just not sure that I understand how you got this pain before starting PEing but was renewed by the fowfer stretches you were doing? was the original injury from any one particular incident?

I guess that name of the game is always balance and moderation for everything in life.

Hi big probe.I had this pain in the past due to what i feel was rough masterbation through out the years.And i think what i did was….when i pulled my dick back and sat on it i think i had my head twisted..(owwww)and it hurt while i was doing it but i just thought i was getting a “good stretch”..i was wrong.

By the way the fowfer is a great stretch!!! can feel the stretch alot more than reg manual stretch.

Hey retsnom,

I haven’t tried those fowfer’s yet but I have to admit that they sound painful. Anyway I think I am just going to ease my way back into PEing with jelquing and manual stretches.

Did you find that the fowfer’s made a big difference for you?


Ive only been at them for like 2 weeks so its hard to say.Definetly stretches you out can feal it right down the middle lig which from what i know is the hardest to work.You can adjust the amont of pressure by sitting back more,or leaning up some if it becoums at all painfull.

hello, from what you described retsnom, it sounds very similiar to what i may have. i actually stared another thread which is still very new detailing my almost exact condition.

yeah, im hoping it goes away soon too, i believe this injury occured while a very intense night of pe and the horse squeeze. my penis stings in the exact same spot as yours, also hurts not nessesarlly when im PEing or even touching it.

its like a noticable irratating stinging sensation right below the head on the left side and sometimes in the tip of the head and even can extend along the whole left side at times.

yes, this is brought on by PE and is more noticable after a session for days to come, gets better around the 3rd day. its been going on for about a month and recently took off a couple weeks only to return to the same painful stinging. but tonight im still going to PE very lightly and see how that goes and maybe be forced to stop again for a couple weeks.

lets work together on this one,


Good to hear from you crash.yeah the pain that caused me to post in the first place is long gone we have a simaler condition except i didnt and dont have pain shotting down the sides though.Id like to know if you have this happen sometimes without PE or not.Like i said before i think i screwed up some nerves earlier on before PE and things like stretches and horses can bring the pain onfor me at least. Please post more on this subject!!


i dont really know what else to post on this subject retsnom or what you wanna know from me. i know i didnt PE at all last night like i said i was going to. so you are completly recovered? how long did it take? yeah i definetly notice the pain after stretching but the initial injury was while doing horse440.

i hope this goes away soon, maybe i will never be able to PE again:(

Completly recovered…BUT…sometimes i have a very light pain which i always have had before PEing also so you might be on the same boat i am.Id never be able to say what i did long ago that set it off exactly but you might have done the same thing and you might be stuck with a shot nerve or something take another week off.And be more carfull when you do start back up to not put alot of pressure on the head.

Ps i combat the pain in head while doing horses by not squezzing very hard during the initial downwards motion on the head.

and with the stretching i try to grab just under the head and i only stretch down. hope this helps and i dont think your PE carrer is over you just have to work around it!!! good luck.

I did it and you can.

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