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Hello all,

I have had some sharp pains occuring where my shaft meets the glans. I have read alot of the posts on thrombosed veins. The pain seems similar to that described in some of them, but I don’t see or feel any hard veins.

Is there any other injury common to PE that could cause this type of pain?
I have been jelqing for about seven weeks and had just started to concentrate on including alot of stretching before this occured.

Thanks for any help.

I think you may have hit the proverbial nail on the head.


Do you know what I can take for the pain?

If it’s just minor maybe you should just take a break from PE. Or purchase a local over the counter painkiller.

Is the pain unbearable? If thats the case I would highly suggest you see a urologist. The safest bet would be to see a specialist and the sooner the better. You would’nt want any permanent damage to go untreated. Better safe than sorry. IMO

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