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Pain on underside of penis.


Pain on underside of penis.

Hey guys, I couldn’t post this on the injury forum.

I’ve been jelqing on and off for about a year, I mainly used it for improved erection quality. However recently I have upped my routine slightly as I wanted to try and gain some girth. The other morning I thought I would jelq as my GF was coming round in the night. However I didn’t warm up properly and after 3-4 Jelqs something didn’t feel right so I stopped immediately. I was able to get hard later on that day and the day after so I thought everything was fine although I thought I noticed some slight bruising on my head. Now I’m starting to worry because I want to please my girlfriend, I don’t fancy going to the doctors if possible and I’m unsure of what it is. By all means I have had a worst injury where I couldn’t get an erection for a whole month. But it’s different now I have a wonderful gf.

At the moment I can still get an erection, does this mean it’s a mild injury?

My symptoms are as follows:

Flaccid feels alot harder and smaller than usual. It feels different to urinate, not uncomfortable just unusual. However after I finish urinating I feel as though there are drips left in the pipe on the underside of the penis and now and then I get a sharp pain mid way up the shaft on the underside. Also I feel hesitant to put pressure on the underside of the penis now in case I do any more damage.

Is it safe to carry on having sex, despite these niggling pains after urinating/ejaculating?

I have been taking Zinc, Multi-vitamin, cod liver Oil, and waiting on some L-arginine to arrive to try and speed up the recovery.

Any help/reassurance or supplement suggestions would be great. As I have had this problem for nearly a week.


You have simply done the classic mistake of overdoing the force you used on your penis.

The only way it will get better is resting it. No Jelqing. No Masterbation, and preferably no sex for a couple of weeks. If you are getting erections it is a sign that it is only mild damage, so to do any of the above can cause a relapse.

Just tell your GF that you ran into something and it hurts.- Or the truth if you must!

You can try some mild warmth on it. Or if you have an infra - red lamp that would be betterBut not too much heat either!

Good luck!

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The trauma of the injury has caused your penis to go into recovery mode i.e. rigidity in flaccid and retraction, this is normal just mother nature going to work for you. You have somehow injured your urethra thus the urinary problems, are you doing horses or squeezing the pipe at both ends, you need to reassess your procedures. I do not believe you have to stop having sex but there maybe some discomfort and you certainly would not want to have some marathon session but a bang or two is not going to do any more damage.

Thanks it help me also

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Thanks guys help is appreciated. I feel it getting much better just a bit achy and painful still at the moment. I found swimming helped quite a bit, must have been being in the cold water for a long period of time.

Hey guys thought id give you an update, It was feeling much better last week. However I think I rushed getting back to sex to soon. As now it’s started hurting again. It’s been just over 2 weeks now and it’s really been getting me down lately.

I plucked up the courage to go to the doctors. What a waste of time I thought. She didn’t even examine the area she just took a urine sample and I have a couple of other tubes which I need to fill with urine which they send off for a more thorough examination.

I did not say about the jelqing. I did say that the pain started when I was “Squeezing” the last drops of urine out and I thought she would catch on and maybe say it was a physical problem rather than an infection.

Anyway I got another appointment in 2 weeks. If the tests come back all clear then she will be referring me to a urologist?

Has anyone been through the same injury as me?

What are urologists like what sort of tests/ reassurance can they give?


Well I’m still having pain on the underside of my member at the moment. This shit is eating away at me mentally.

I went to the doctors who thinks I have utheritis and gave me some antibiotics. They have relieved some of the symptoms but I still got the pain when I put pressure on the underside.

I’m getting morning wood, not as often but it’s there and I can get erect watching porn. I can’t get erect with physical stimulation because it hurts too much.

It seems to be more soft in flaccid state now, looks more normal. Now and then it turtles up.

Any reassurance here would be great guys as I’m at my wits end!

Going back to doctors next week after the tablets.


Has felt alot better recently, I can now most of the time get an erection manually. Before I couldn’t touch it without it hurting.

My GF has been really understanding even though she doesnt know how I actually did it!!

We had sex the other night for the first time in 6 weeks

It wasn’t very enjoyable for me mainly because I was worrying. I did notice some pain just below the penis head on entry it feels like a lump when erect, I’m also still experiencing urine retention and some mild pain after urinating..

I’m really trying to stay positive but it’s been quite along time. Iv decided PE is personally not for me and I wish I never did it now. But thats life

Responses appreciated cheers guys

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"Rope trades @$10 a yard. I wonder if they even know that?"- Capitalist

Went back to GUM clinic other day.

Prescribed longer course of antibiotics as they found abnormal amount of PUS cells in my SWAB.

If this doesn’t clear my pain up, I’m being referred to a Pelvic Floor specialist? The doctor said the nerves could not be functioning properly or the muscles have become too tight?

My penis looks normal most the time but still get some pain in my urethra. It’s been over 2 months now and I’m getting more depressed by the day as I can’t have sex with my GF. Last time I did it was painful!!

Anyone had experience of this could the pelvic floor muscles tightening cause pain in my urethra?

Wow man, I’ve been searching this site for the same reason. I’ve been having this uncomfotable feeling in the same spot for about a week now. Its not pain but its definatly not cool. I really like having sex with my girl and masturbating and this is really putting a crimp in things no pun intended. But wow it sure would be nice to have some serious answers here or something encouraging rather than talk of Sarah palin porn. This is scary shit. I will take my average penis over a broken one any day.. Please help. Any advise? Please just say I over trained and things will go back to normal.

WOW, this is literally, 100% exactly what I’m going through at the moment, only three years later. Increased the number of jelqs I was doing each week too frequently and overdid it, and now I believe I have damaged my urethra or the corpus spongiosum around it.

For a more detailed description of my symptoms and the mistakes that caused my injury, go here: YOUR WORST INJURY - Did You Overcome?

But damn, whatever it is is long lasting. Symptoms began in late august, gave myself 4 days off and tried again, and this only re-inflamed it. Pain was initially VERY BAD, throbbing, sharp pain that felt like it was shooting down the bottom left side of my penis in a very narrow (tube-shaped) area. Probably 7-8/10 on the pain scale at first, very scary. After some time off, the pain intensity lessened, but I still get occasional throbs of light pain now more than one month later. I attribute this to not being able to NOT jack off…I’ve stopped PE of course, but not masterbating is hard, and like the guys on here said, masterbating re-inflames it. I even tried one jackoff session where I put ZILCH pressure down there…the fingerpads were just lightly brushing my dick, but even non-existant pressure still made it worse. So I am now not touching my dick until Jan 1, and thats at the EARLIEST. This is a pain in the ass and a huge hamper on PE, so I want to make for fucking sure that it’s healed before I start up again. On day 3 of not jacking off at all now, wish me luck lol (pain is less intense).

As a side note, I would also get pain while I peed and directly after. Now it’s down to a 2-3/10, which is nice. Just sucks I cant touch my unit and it’s gonna take a long time! HOPEFULLY not permanent…like this guy said, I’m still able to get fully hard to full size. Unlike him, however, mine does not hurt when I touch it—rather, the pain comes AFTERWARDS. So I’m able to painlessly jack off and everything feels great, but then 5 min later its throbbing again and im like fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

I’m all the way better now. So so glad! Slowed down on jelqs and doing more stretches. Also making sure to do warm up before jelqs for sure and making sure that my dick is not hard in anyway. I definitely believe that over enthusiastic jelqing caused my issue. Being more cautious now and still gaining. Thanks for the awesome site.


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