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Pain in left side,small hard bump help

Pain in left side,small hard bump help

Yesterday I started to feel pain up the left side of my penis, I couldn’t pin point it but I was feeling around and found a small hard bump on the left side of the shaft, I can still get erections etc So I don’t know how serious this is.can anyone more advanced tell me what this is and what to do?

For now I’m taking a 48 hour rest from all jelqing/stretching and hoping that resolves it.


I found this bump and it is like a hard little speck underneath the left top side of my shaft,like a cyst or something I thought,Anyhow while fully erect I move my hand underneath there to find if it was still there to find a huge hard ridge were this thing was!! There is pain,I don’t know what this is or what caused it (wet jelqing,clamping,hard kegeling?) from what I gather I thought it might be a thrombosed vein but it doesn’t remain the same size,it increases to a hard ridge although there is no discoloration and the pain is minor,I think it might be a vein stretched out from jelqing,like a aneurysm? Will this go away?I am giving up PE for at least 3 days and hope it heals up but can anyone more knowledgeable tell me whats up?

You may need to take a week or more off exercising, as you have caused some damage.

Leave everything alone apart from urinating. It is difficult to give advice as you have obviously been overdoing the pressure with one or more of your exercises.

Leave well alone for a couple of weeks at least. you can try some warm pads. not hot pads But just take it easy and let it heal. Most guys find that it gets beeter by itself. So treat it carefully.

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Take at least a week maybe 2 and hopefully it will heal itself. When you do resume PE do it slowly and gently. Good Luck.

Today it was colder,hard and retracted like the first time I had this injury.I don’t know what I did wrong I was experiencing much better EQ and noticed girth sex drive was much greater

Unless the pain and trauma was delayed I first noticed it when stretching,is it possible this hard ridge was from just stretching to hard of the grasp?no discoloration just radiating pain and now today impotence.

Does arousal help healing or slow it?

Originally Posted by setiamon

Today it was colder,hard and retracted like the first time I had this injury.

There might be something in your technique that you’re doing wrong.

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Yeah I don’t know whats wrong.there is no numbness or lose of urine control.but now there is a soreness on the left side under the head I think maybe from stretching the grasp might of been to hard and to often I pulled it out from turtling today and it started aching there..

It sucks,it’s warm again but there is still this stinging pain that radiates into the left side of my hip and even down to my toe,it sounds like I might of pinched a nerve by maintaining to firm of a grasp for two long?

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