Over done it fom Stretching device

Ok guys, hope someone can help me out with this so here goes. I’m just starting my 3rd month using the Autoextender. When I first got it and used it about 2 wks, I noticed a pearly type line (rough and bumpy) running from the base, up the shaft (on top) like it’s going straight to the head. It’s not very noticeable when I’m flaccid but gets very noticeable when I get an erection. I can feel it running right up the very top upward.

Now, going into my 3rd month it’s back again and now along with the pearly rough line up the shaft there’s also swelling that fans out like 2 large thrombosed veins just behind the glands, or circumcision scar. All this is very noticeable when erect. I’ve seen this before back when I use to hang so I took some time off (few days) and all returned to normal. This also returned to normal the last time it happened.

This is weird though because I tought I was very conditioned and it wouldn’t happen again. I must admit, I do push a little hard sometime with my stretches cause It feels If I don’t I’m not getting an effective stretch. It’s not the stretchers fault in any way, guess I need to settle down and lighten up a bit. This extender can produce a pretty mean stretch if I let it.

I should also mention that I clamp the head clamp just behind the head (wrapped of course) like wrapping for the Bib hanger, but this is where I get my most effective stretch, not the shaft I mean.

Anyway, has anyone else had this also? Do you guys think it’s coming from over-pressure stretching or extended stretching? I strech out for 1 hr at a time, 2- 3 times a day with it and use either lead weights or Thera wrist strap as traction to stay extended afterward thru out the day.

I think I may need to take a couple days off to heal this thing. What say you fella’s please?