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guys I was pumping today, and I got a little horney, so after my set I was pulling my gravel cleaner off, and started jacking the tube. I didn’t realize that it was rubbing against my glans. When I pulled it off, I had rubbed I guess the top layer off in a little spot and it was red. LOkked like it was bleeding, but it wasn’t. It was like a small layer of skin had been rubbed off. I am uncut. Should I give it time to heal up, shoud I put anything on it, or just leave it under the foreskin to heal. Should I continue PE, or let it heal first, then start back.

My advice is to let it heal first. And be more careful the next time, that has to be uncomfortable.

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Being a man you will probably end up PE’ing regardless of the spot to see what happens ;) I’ve had this happen too but on my shaft. I could still PE but sooner or later you push your luck and put too much pressure on the spot and it tears. After which I had to wait a couple days longer before I could PE again. The best thing to do is not PE or masturbate till it is completely healed which should take no more than 1-3 days.


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