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Once Again, Weak Erections...Help.

Once Again, Weak Erections...Help.

Obviously, I’ve overtrained once again…If I haven’t leanrned my lesson by now, I’ll never get this right. I started off GREAT. My erections have always been very hard so that’s not the issue, however, Once I saw the immediate gains, I upped the amount of exercises…

Started off on Sept. 6th with this:

5 min hot wrap
5 min stretch (30 sec’s in various directions hitting each one twice)
10 min wet jelq (3-5 seconds each, slow, intense,)
5 min wrap
50 Kegls (5 seconds each)

1 day on/1 off

I upped it to 15 min jelqs within a week and a half…

Then upped the stretching to 40 seconds in two weeks, real intense, and now my erections are weak as shit…Takes a while to get erected at all…Harder to get aroused.

I read that too much stretching too soon can cause this. My jelqs in the last week have been to 150 instead of by minutes.

My question is do I lay off for now, or should I continue to jelq for 10 minutes and leave out the stretching for now…I read when I did my search that someone suggested this for a similar case.

If I quit and restart once my erections are back to normal, then by all meas, I’ve learned my lesson and will stay at a slow steady pace…But also I think I need to not get overzealous and keep the intensity at 50% in the beginning. THis is the 3rd time I’ve overtrained starting off, so obviously, I need to keep it slow in the beginning.

Let my experience serve as a good example to ALL NEWBIES that you cannot jump the gun, even if others on this forum recommend that you up your routine early on or that “you could be doing more” in your routine. Take it slow, get conditioned and used to the exercises, and then go from there. This PE is a process of trials and errors in the beginning for some.

I appreciate all responses for guidance, again, and take it from me, don’t jump the gun with this.

Originally Posted by JYD
… I’ve learned my lesson and will stay at a slow steady pace….

Sure you will. :)


In general, I think it is a better idea for newbies to count jelk strokes rather than count the minutes spent at them. We all do them at different squeeze strengths and for different durations each. Start out easy and move up slowly. If 20 jelk strokes in the beginning feels just fine, only increase by a few more at the next PE session.

Ending each PE session with an erection helps you gauge the quality of your workout. When you can’t get hard again, you may only be tired from your day or whatever. More likely, some activity (exercise) of your routine was too stressful. Review in your head what that might have been and cut back on that exercise the next time until you are more conditioned to it.

Good luck in your recovery, JYD. And thanks from all of us for the “heads up.”



Thanks for your reply…Should I lay off alltogether (for two weeks or so), or can I still do everything, but the stretches for now, keep it simple, slow, once every two/three days?

Thanks for your reply.

Oh yeah, should I still do my Kegels if nothing else, to maybe help get my erections on track? Or just lay off for good until back to normal?


I’d say that if you have no apparent physical damage - bruising, etc., - that you are going to pop back to your old erection pattern within days.

Wait a day or so, then resume if getting a hard-on is again easy for you. If not, wait it out.



Cool…I’ll wait it out. It seems that I wouldn’t benefit from resuming exercises if I’m not back to “full health”. So I’ll just wait it out and see what my erections do.

Thanks again.

Oh yeah, do you, or anyone else, have any opinions on continuing Kegls?


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