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OH MAN numb

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Captn had numbness for much longer, I believe, and he fully recovered.

I think you have me mixed up with the other pirate - the one too busy banging 22 year old strippers to post even a wise-crack once in a while. PirateSteve, if I remember correctly was the one who suffered a serious and extended bout of numbness after he fell asleep with some contraption on his unit. You are correct that he fully recovered - otherwise I think he’d be posting wise-cracks and not…well, you know.

The one time I had a run in with numbness was not even via hanging. I was traction wrapping at a very serious stretched flaccid length - I mean all out stretched - and my glans went numb for about a day.
It truly is frightening - it doesn’t take much to hurt yourself. But I firmly believe in the body’s ability to heal.

Hey Thunder: I had sex last night and performed well, so at least I have that. The numbness is still there, but seems maybe slightly better. The last PE I did was tuesday night, so its been 3 full days now. Hopefully it will just slowly come back to life. I have been doing alternating cold/heat packs once a day. I am feeling more optimistic now. I plan to stop hanging and working length for a while and focus on girth when I am recovered. The morale is much better. You don’t know how scared I was when I couldn’t get an erection!

OH yeah, I think I know what caused it. My wench was made with thick mousepad instead of the grippers. I think that is the culprit. I think it just put too much pressure on the top of my penis and not enough on the sides. When I heal and hang again I will either buy a bib or make the wench just like the captain described.

I got the exact same deal as you, but worse maybe. I got the numbness from the Captains Wench, tightening it too tight. A months ago I got the numbness, a week later I hung again lighter, the numbness came back and at 10 fold. A week later I had sex all weekend and the numbness came back. Now, 2 weeks later I am 50% better. I sleep on a heating pad, this really really helps, heat helps the healing. I didn’t find the hot and cold wraps to work at all. Do not jelq or stretch for a month after it is totally gone if I were you. I did a light jelqing 2.5 weeks ago and it made the numbness come back. I am doing better, I just hope all the feeling will come back as it were. No more Captains wench for me or hanging.

Hey Philadelph,

That’s great that it is getting better. Just don’t join the “I started back too soon and reinjured myself” club. Maybe you two guys can keep each other in line and also compare notes on what may be done to avoid this in the future. An awful lot of numbness posts lately. Not a good thing.

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It seems all the numbness posts have been caused mainly by the wench and the penimaster. I’m not going to hang ever again, sex still isn’t enjoyable right now. It’s less numbness now but more lost feeling and a lot less erections. Sucks, very sad this happened. I’m in no rush to PE.

Yes I plan to wait a full 3 weeks before doing anything (provided I fully heal in that time). Then I will start with some light jelqing, and if that sets it off then I will rest longer. I really enjoy PE and I want to be able to continue with a fully funtional unit. Today it even maybe feels a little better. When I was hanging I was naive and thought that as long as I didn’t go over 20 minutes that everything would be fine. I really wasn’t on the look out for numbness. But I have learned a valuable lesson>

Same here. I even got the wrong advice at the MOS forum. The first time I noticed the numbness I asked about it and was told don’t worry about it, it’s normal from hanging. He told me to keep on, no one said no different, now look where I am, but I’m more mad at myself than the bad advice.

I think I actually remember your post at MOS. Thats a shame. I hope you recover soon Mustbedreaming.


I normally try not to take a defensive posture about matters like this as I do not consider it my responsibility what others do to and with their units. However, I feel compelled to shed light on your contention that you received bad advice at MoS when you first complained of numbness. It is quite possible that you did indeed receive questionable council somewhere, from someone, but if this is true that advice took precedence over the undiluted message of caution expressed in the following exchange between you and I:

From MoS Forums:
02-03-04, 02:48 AM - posted by MustBeDreaming
>Ok, some of you may know I’ve been PEing for 3 years, this last year with the most gains. I’ve done some pretty intense stretches before and made my head numb which went away 3 days later. I’ve also been using the penimaster and had no problems as well as gains from it.

Tonight I made my first hanger, the Captains Wench. I used a 5lb weight and hang downwards for 15 minutes, I felt a constaint burn at the top of the base the whole time. I took a ten minute break and did 10 minutes with a 5lb weight hanging straight fowards. I felt a constant burn this time in the middle of my tunica. Wow, it did feel good and there wasn’t any pain.

So is the constant burn a good thing? ( I know near the head is not of course which didn’t happen)

After wards my head is a numb, I can feel just fine, it never got cold or dark during hanging, should I wait a few days before I hang again or is light numbness normal? ( I’m also a little swollen at the base which it nothing new)


02-04-04, 04:37 PM - posted by CaptnHook
I’m confused when you say “After wards my head is a numb, I can feel just fine”
Which is it: Numb or fine?

I will say that judging from your earlier experiences of becoming numb via manual stretches that it appears you may be going at it too hard (hanging and manuals). The fact that you have no discoloration or coldness of your glans doesn’t indicate a circulation problem.

Here is my opinion on how to deal with this:

If I were you I would not hang - not with your home made Wench or any other device. I would move on to a different PE technique all together. Loosing feeling in your glans is just about the worst thing that can happen to a man. With hanging, the risk of this is greatly increased. Do not hang.
Any gains simply aren’t worth the risk.

Good luck and stay safe

02-04-04, 11:42 PM - posted by MustBeDreaming
>Thanks Captain, I really appreciate the advice. I’m less numb now and a little sore at the tip of my head. I was worried about it and thought to myself that this isn’t worth it. So I am not going to hang again. Thanks again.

You are understandably upset and dealing with a high level of stress due to your injury. It is not my intention to add to that - my only wish is for you to get well, and I have faith that you will - but I cannot sit by and watch as innuendo is put forth as fact. Beyond ignoring sound advice you have insinuated blame for your injury on the Captns Wench, and gone as far as saying “It seems all the numbness posts have been caused mainly by the wench” but a search on numbness here at TP will reveal myriad causes for this type of injury, a couple of them involving the Wench, some involving other devices, others involving manual techniques.

Thunder has suggested people “compare notes on what may be done to avoid this in the future” which is of course a great idea. But long before any consensus is reached I can state with total confidence that injuries do not happen by themselves and certainly not because of any given device or technique. They happen because people ignore good advice, warning signs, and pursue their gains too aggressively or with a casual concern for the incredible amount of personal responsibility required when engaging in NPE.

If there is indeed a post you can refer me to where someone urged you to hang and ignore numbness I would be very interested in seeing it. That is just about the most idiotic advice I have ever heard offered and completely flies in the face of everything anyone of any intelligence or PE knowledge would ever suggest.

My objective here is not to defend myself or the Wench - in fact, from the very beginning I have made clear that I do not encourage anyone to make use of the device. That is your own call. All I seek to do is keep the record straight, and hopefully help emphasise the need for everyone engaging in NPE to always keep at the forefront of their mind that they and they alone are responsible for the health and well-being of their unit.

I wish both you and Phil a speedy recovery

Captn you are the man. Let me just say that I think the wench is a great hanging device especially for the cost and how easy it is to make. I really think that if I would have made your wench with the floor protectors instead of my flimsy mousepad this may not have happened. I did say I threw out my wench, but I have more material to make another, and I did it just so I wouldn’t be tempted to hang with it.

Captain, my appologies if I came off wrong. First I did take your advice. Second, I’m not blaming the wench, I’m just saying it seems alot of numbness issues have been from someone using the wench wrong. I haven’t hung since you told me, but just before I got your advice someone who posts a lot of posts there told me on AIM that it’s cool. I don’t want to say his name, he no longer hangs now as well, I also did not know that. Anyways, like I said it is my fault, but I did listen to the wrong advice and also misread instruction on tightening the wench. This was not by you though. Thanks for the good advice Captain.

I never did understand the mouse pad idea. It really doesn’t make sense and that should maybe be clarified for people in the Wench thread.
You may be tempted to make a new Wench according to the instructions and hang again - or with a different device - but I have to stick with my advice to MBD: Don’t hang. There are plenty of other options available.


All I will say is that your PM explains it all. I see the problem now. Very clearly.

Good luck guys.

Captain I hope I didn’t offend you. Is the problem me? Or are you talking about how I was misguided?


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