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it was gone after only a week??? did it become numb over the course of a few weeks or was it in one session?


joe seven

The numbness increased over a number of weeks.

I could not maintain enough of an erection to jelq properly as I could not feel much.

I am quite strong and jelq sitting almost cross legged,but without them being actually crossed, sort of like the lotus position but with my legs just flopped on the floor! (A little bit hard to discribe). I can then use my legs as a lever to my increase the force of the jelq.

Maybe this is the reason I became numb.Too much force being applied.

I am going to start again,but using less force.

If I was you I would stop PE completely until the feeling is restored.

Our bodies are amazingly resistent and recover from severe injury
but sometimes this takes time.

Maybe I didn`t do any real damage and I hope you haven`t also.

All the best Along

Joeseven, I was wondering if you finally did see a doctor and what condition things are at now?

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Joe Seven -See a urologist I injured myself twoyears ago had similar symptoms inclduing discoloration on the glans .I took 3 months or so before it felt normal again but the feeling did come back . every situation is different but I would not worry to much just make sure you see a Dr

I´d like to share my experience of injuries.

I restarted PE about two weeks ago. Before (a year ago or so) i PE:d doing jelqs and stretching according to a commercial manual. I got some modest (1/4 inch in length maybe, no girth) results during the 2 months i followed the routines. The results disappeared in a few weeks after I stopped PE due to lack of motivation.

About two weeks ago i had the time to get to know this site and i decided to start PE again. Well, I have to admit i overdid it. Very stupid of me!

For five days I jelqed 2-400 times after a short session of stretching. What was new to me was the extreme-ulis that are described on this site. I watched the instructional video and included them in my routine. The results during the sessions seemed very promising and my penis seemed bigger than ever. My penis had that full feeling during the days. After the first five days it was time for my healing brake.

Well, after taking a couple of days off i realized that my penis had gotten numb and that i was unable to become fully erect. I mean, I´m able to ejaculate, but I can´t reach a full erection. My erections used to be rock hard and I´m usually able to quickly recover after sex. Now my morning erections are extremely weak and I don´t seem to get an erection without manually stimulating myself. Also if I get an erection it seems to disappear more quickly than before. And I have to say I had no warning signs of any injury happening during when doing my routines.

After realizing the numbness i´ve become obsessed with my erections and its hard for me not to masturbate because I want to see if I finally would be healed. This probably doesn´t help my condition. Til this day i´ve experienced that the numbness seems to be going away, but that my erection quality still isn´t nearly as good as it used to be. I believe that the E-Ulis were too much to handle for my fellow and that i may have squeezed all too hard cutting of circulation/nerves (or both?).

Has anyone had similar experiences? Have i damaged the cells in my penis or is it just that my penis hasnt had time to recover? Or is it nerve damage? After all i still can feel my penis and pretty much all the numbness has gotten away. It´s been approx. 10 days since my last proper workout. I´d really like to hear from someone who has experienced the negative PI of weak erections. Hopefully u have some good news since I´m starting to get worried..

WOW for being this onld it’s not far down the page I am joe seven or used to be rather but take a look at my post in the newbie forum under my new name needs advice.. Thanks


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