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Not your normal red spot...

Not your normal red spot...

This was actually a zit/cyst on my shaft. It stayed scarred kind of like when you get a mole cut off. The spot stayed puffed up. I believe that I took about a month off after getting this spot.

Anyways, this pic is about 10 minutes after jelqing.

I’m not sure if this will go away with time off…I’m not sure if this will ever go away. T

Thankfully it does go back to normal color within a day of jelqing.

I could really use any comments/ advice on this.

The first picture is the main one, and the second is zoomed out and shows the spot plus some other skin irritations i get just from jelqing. BTW, I use vasoline as lubricant for jelqing.

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Looks like a blood blister- have you been trying to stimulate growth by slamming it in a car door?

Have you tried applying ice for 20 mins 3 times per day?

[Just kidding]

Have you spoken to a urologist and/ or a dermatologist? Perhaps they can offer you treatment options.


The second picture looks like a rash.

Anyway go see a doctor, Its your dick man.


man did you grow it or what in the sec pic it sure looks that the turkey neck is reaching the middle of the shaft…

Hey trutulescu, Do us all a favor and read the Forum Guidelines . I had to read that sentence twice to figure it out, and English is my primary language.


I know this is an old thread, but i have the same thing the OP has on the first pic. Any thoughts???

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