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No, I think I am screwed

No, I think I am screwed

About two years ago I started doing PE exercises like jelqing and stretching. They worked well for a while, my dick got bigger and my EQ was amazing.

But then one day, I think I overdid it and injured myself. I stopped after I noticed a firm flaccid, those little red spots, no pain, but definitely trouble getting it up.

It has been at least a year since this happened and now, it is hard for me to even get hard, and if I do, it is almost impossible for me to maintain that erection. I had a great sexual relationship with a girl and that totally died after this.

My glans is often cold and numb to the touch, and there are all these little white spots on it after my erection goes down, like not enough blood is getting to it. It’s difficult to describe but it is like what your hand looks like after cutting off the circulation and there are a bunch of little white spots.

As well, I have two red spots on the very tip of my glans on either side of the tip of the urethra which don’t seem to go away.

Recently I have been doing solely hot towel wraps and things have been getting better, but it is still not nearly as good as it used to be. I have come here to get some experienced advice on what happened. Venous leak? Spongy tissue damage? Stretching injury? Blockage? I have almost no idea. Does anyone have any input or advice on what I did or what I can do to improve the situation? I am over the being scared part of it as I realize that will do no good, but still, I am kind of desperate.

P.S. I am 21 years old.

You need to see a urologist. If my dick does any of those things even for a day, I’ll be calling 911.

Go seek professional help.

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So you thought you injured or over trained and you have not done any PE since which was over a year ago? Maybe you just need to start some PE again my EQ sucks when I quit and I could assume I broke my penis but really its just being its normal self. You need to get out and see a Doctor to be safe, call 911 like northmiamitop would.

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Well call a doctor dont call 911 as they’re going to probably think your crazy. No need for cops, ems, and fire department to pop into your house over it. Let us know what the doctor says about it.


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Welcome to the club. Sorry.

Come see us at the injury section and join our search for help. We should all unite because we can find much more in that way.

Resume PE? Jesus…

If anything, go into a freaking walk-in clinic, drop your pants and they’ll refer you to somewhere else.

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I have seen my doctor about this. They attributed it to my depression and low testosterone levels (caused by my depression, which is due mostly to my injury and break-up with said girl) They referred me to an endocrinologist. I have been taking supplements to raise my test levels, and now have it back in a normal range, but still ED persists. I know I need to see a urologist, but I am pretty sure they won’t be able to do anything, no matter what they find. Still, I agree it wouldn’t hurt. I just read all of deeppurple’s post about his ED, and feel as if I am in the same boat. Hmm.what to do?

I hope some more experienced members can help but if things are getting better keep doing the hot towels. It seems to me, the complete non expert, that blood flow should be better. That you probably damaged something and restricted blood flow meant the damage didn’t repair quickly. So I’d also advise lots of kegels as well as the hot towels even perhaps gentle massage. The hot towels are obviously allowing expansion and things to open and flow better. If you feel it getting that cold hard feeling then definitely kegel. It’s something you can do with your pants on too.

This happened to me and drove me depressed and suicidal

Since when did this happen lo? I think we had the same injury
Mine was almost surely nerve related. I couldn’t feel anything from
My penis. It felt rubbery and essentially the same as jacking off your
Finger. I seriously cried a bunch of times because of this. And was
Desperate to get at least my working penis back. Eventually I was advised
To take Gingko Biloba and do hot wraps daily. Also, I did was rub ice cubes
On my unit and alternate with hot water to wake up the nerves.

Thankfully after 4-6 months my dick went back to normal. No idea if it
Repaired itself or because of the steps I did but I am grateful as hell

I’m experiencing exactly the same thing, I call it fisher price syndrome. It is depressing sometimes, but I think I feel some coming back. I’m not applying heat or taking anything. Would that help?

Hey guys, welcome to the club I am sad to say.

Report to the injuries section, to the thread “Firm Flaccid Penis”.

That is excellent to hear lowgrow! Very few have gotten healed, but then who did almost always used supplements.

A few questions for you. Did you have erection problems with firm flaccid? Such as poor EQ, and deflated CS and glans.

How long did your problem persist for?

Did you stop masturbation?

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Lowgrow- I understand the feeling. Believe me I have cried many times, been suicidal, and have been kicking myself ever since for making such a bad mistake. I am staying as optimistic as possible though, and things have gotten a lot better, your mind has an amazing ability to adapt to any situation. This injury probably happened about two years ago, where I was fine for the first year and continued jelqing, then over time I must have been too rough and careless, eventually it became where I would go soft while having sex or masturbating. I’m going to try the ice cubes and see if that helps at all.

Volodya- I think definitely hot wraps would help

The doctors have found that you have low testosterone and suffer from mild depression. I think that is a great place to start - considering they are the medical professionals. A high number of ED cases are depression related or stress related so you wouldn’t be alone there.

Thunders has tons of cases where someone has a mild injury but they become so obsessed and worried with it that the pressure and stress of getting an erection are probably what prevents them from getting one. You might be able to get an erection but the second you notice you probably psych yourself out of it.

Do you smoke weed as well?

I go from 10’s to soft sometimes too and its all in my head, especially when I start getting too hot the brief second of “damn I am getting too hot!” that goes through my head is all it takes to go soft. Your calling it an injury before you are sure it is an injury, it almost sounds like you have made your mind up that’s what it is and refuse to change that thought.

Have you tried Viagra or Cialis? Do you use a lot of porn and get off often?

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