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No, I think I am screwed

Lowrider”sorry to here all that’s going on with you. I use to smoke two packs of smokes a day, smoke more grass then you could imaging for 15 years. Plus took anti depressants. Well from all this my sex drive was shit. For years. From research I found out they all cause ed. Get it. I’m sure you no this you just don’t want to except it. Well I eventually stopped them all threw my life an my EQ went up like I was 18 again. Anti depressants rape you from EQ. I remember when I was on them, man I couldn’t get hard for shit. The good then about them , you last longer in bed. Now don’t stop taken them. I’m not saying that. But you can live a good life without them. I’m proof. I’m fucking bipolar an it runs in the family so. Just keep positive people around you is what I do. So I don’t snap on someone lol:-) . Good luck man.

Koko, thanks man. I used to smoke a lot of grass, as in every day for years, but I quit because I feel it caused my sex drive to die. I’m still waiting for it to recover, but so far no such luck. If I may ask, how long after you quit weed did your sex drive come back?

Your workout?

Hang in there Lo_ri_der, Did you feel something at the point of injury and was it from Jelqing or hanging excessive weight, if so what kind of hanger and how much weight? Good luck

Weed affected y’alls sex drive? Hmm, that’s the first I’ve heard of that.

Rickster137, I don’t remember feeling anything, no pain, or anything like that. I just remember one day not being able to get it up after a jelqing session the night before. I went hard flaccid for a little while, and ever since then I’ve had these problems. I’ve never hanged, just jelqed and stretched.

Laxmaniac07, yeah I truly believe it does. Not just a little weed now and then, but a lot of it every day for months or years can affect it.

Hmm. I’ll have to keep that in mind during my own current recovery. I’d tell y’all about it but I can’t make a thread yet.

What’s going on with you, laxmaniac?

Man I just read about you guys having bad EQ related to smoking weed. When I smoke I can’t stop. My mushroom tip gets so sensitive and feels great. Women get horny too


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