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No, I think I am screwed

Think your right about the nocturnal an morning wood, my sleep pattern is messed up I suffer with insomnia.

My penis isnt under stress I dont perform any exercises anymore, my life style can be stressful at times which could be a cause to the standing erection problem, but i think it might be down to a not so healthy living aswel.

I dont want to discredit the skin theory just yet, because im seeing good signs from the skin treatment so far.

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I’m healthy excersis every day, eat no chocolate and eat perfectly 6 meals per day with protein and carbs.
I’m 18
I look after my body as if it’s a temple
And I have a fucked up penis

I fell no remorse to those who smoke alot/drink alot/never exersise as in that case it’s obviously down to poor health and lack of bloodflow. BUt in my case, what the hell am I suposed to think


Hey venomx, how long have you had this? Were both 18, I’ve had it for about 6 months. I used to work out daily, and eat well back in the summer when this shit happened. I ramped up the efforts to heal myself by being as fit and healthy as possibly. Didn’t do a dang thing. I rode my bike a lot, which from what I read now is really bad for firm flaccid. But probably less than 50mi ridden total.

How often are you masturbating? I know how hard it is for us 18yr olds to stop masturbating. I tryed to stop, but twice a week works, and doesn’t aggrivate my dick. Spaced out accordingly, and only done when firm flaccid is not at its worse. Break the habit, it can be done.

Also, any time you do masturbate, take an asprin and put an icepack on it. (I was able to stay relativley normal for two weeks using some prescription strenght anti-inflammitory meds and ice packs after masturbation) Definetly had an effect.

And if you can, everynight use direct constant heat on your unit for a while. Doing a hot cold treatment can’t hurt either, I have been trying it latley. Massages are great as well.

Sorry if you’ve done any or all of this, but for the most part it is free, and it seems to have worked for me in the past, and again for the past three days. I just hope in time this routine will hold me over until the cure is found, or in time it will heal.

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I had cut it down to twice a week but it’s either all or nothing, when I start I have to keep doing it.
Like twice yesterday I think, the erection was ok in the position I was in but I’m pretty sure with less stimulation and moving around ( such as when your having sex ) it would just die.

It seems like I need a way to secure blood in the penis, and the only way I’ve found which works is by using cheap cialis AND OR stopping masturbation/keeping it too a minimum ALSO stopping porn goes without saying, I’ve nearly cut it out completely.

I also used to do rice socks a few times a day but regardless of a rice sock on/off it would just go back to being hard flaccid even more than it is usually, after I took it off.

Originally Posted by RodneysRocket
Good job on the recovery Lowgrow bet you feel tonnes better.

I’ve sure learnt my lesson aswell, theirs no doubt I’m a beleiver of ‘It’s a marathon not a sprint’ club.

Have you resumed PE now since the recovery.

Also whats a TENS unit.


Never tried it myself - but it looks painful to use on your buddy

lorider, any better from the treatment?

Actually, yeah. Sorry about the delay in responding, but I was in the process of moving. I have been doing massage and hot towel wraps as much as possible and there is definitely an improvement. I think I have pretty much pinpointed the point of blockage, and that is in one of the big veins on the right side. I can feel a clump of something, I don’t know what it is though it may be scar tissue and I can see where it is constricting the vein. I have been using vitamin e oil to try and reduce the blockage, and so far I am still continuing to do so. Hopefully I can get rid of it and return bloodflow fully. I was with a girl last weekend and totally embarrassed myself because I couldn’t get very hard, so I know I am not fully recovered yet, but I pray that with continued treatment I can get back to normal.

This is awesome, awesome news. I get so identified with these stories somehow.

If you’ve pinpointed the point, that’s great… even if your gradual healing doesn’t work, you can have the penis surgically opened and then the thing removed, whatever the hell it is (“horrible devil plaque” haha). Should be 100% success in the right hands. Of course if you can heal without such invasive stuff, even better.

Perhaps write down what you’ve been doing, in case someone could benefit. Also for yourself, for archiving purposes.

Well atleast he can see what the problem is, some of us have hard flaccid and a normall looking/feeling unit :@

Hey guys, so I thought I’d give y’all an update since it’s been about three years since I was last on this forum (sorry for abandoning you guys, I have been through some sh*t). Anyways, to put it bluntly my erection problems are still present. The whole “plaque” thing I’m pretty sure was all just in my head, and it was just me looking for anything to figure out what was wrong with me. I’m fairly certain that has nothing to do with it. I was grasping at straws.

In these three years, I have tried almost every supplement imaginable, and nothing really happened. No improvement. I have tried not touching myself for months at a time. Still nothing. I’ve tried yoga, breathing exercises, praying (I know, right?) and still nothing. I have started exercising, and that helped, but still, I can’t really maintain an erection without constant stimulation. I think that I have narrowed it down to two possibilities. One, I may have a venous leak, which I know is something most guys grasp at when they can’t figure out what’s wrong with them, but I seem to have all the symptoms (difficulty achieving erection, and an inability to maintain it without constant touching.) I get nocturnal erections, but I don’t have enough knowledge about venous leaks in order to be able to determine whether I have one or not. I have what appears to be a varicose vein on the left side of my penile shaft, one that sticks out and looks crumpled, and I am anxious about it being the place where the leakage is, or the spot where blood is not able to stay trapped. I really hope I don’t have a venous leak, though, because I hear they are incurable without surgery. I can’t afford to see a urologist, and I doubt one of them would be able to provide much help.

The second possibility is that I have ruined my sex drive because of a terrible marijuana smoking habit. I have read that chronic marijuana smoking has been known to cause ED, and I am not going to lie, I was an every day smoker for more than a few years. Five or six years, actually, to be exact. During this dark and hazy time of my life, I found my mind to be so obliterated that I was unable to concentrate on sex long enough to have a lasting erection. I have been clean from this habit for a few months (thank my lucky stars) and I have been noticing a gradual improvement in the firmness of my erections. Although, I still haven’t regained full capability, and my erections are lost easily. The gradual improvement gives me hope, but I would think that after a few months that it would be a lot better, although, to be honest my brain does not seem to be fully normal still, so I don’t know. I’m confused and I guess only time will tell. My libido seems very low now, and even though I want to have sex, it is hard to maintain interest, and I have to really try to concentrate on sex. In other words, despite being clean for a few months, I still fell numb, dead, and dull inside. I can only hope that within the next couple of months I make a full recovery. I’m optimistic. Don’t do drugs, kids.

I still don’t do PE and I haven’t for a few years. I feel that this has been the cause of all my problems, and I don’t dare to make them worse.

I hope that those of you who sympathized with my problems, and experienced some of the same things yourselves have made a full recovery, and I would love to hear about how you are doing.

Do your erections seem better if you wear a cock ring or press down on the vein? If the difference is significant perhaps it is a venous leak. While I know you don’t want to go down that road surgery has helped me.

Have you tried Viagra or cialis?

I am suffering from very similar problems.. No sensitivity to glans, can barely feel myself, no sensitivity, no morning wood.. Have been suffering for four Years however I didn’t realize what was actually going on until 6 months ago.. Either think I have some type of serious internal scarring along with possibly a snapped dorsal nerve.. My life has been a living nightmare. Awaiting results from penile Doppler.

Yataghan50, They don’t seem any better if I press down on the vein, and I haven’t tried a cock ring yet. That’s something I should try, just to see if it helps, but I don’t want to have to rely on something like that.

UM1991, I haven’t tried either. I can’t afford to go to a doctor, so I don’t know where I would get any, but I would be interested in trying, just to see if it helps.

Mikey88, I’m sorry to hear that. Have you tried resting it? I mean for like a month or two with no touching, no sex, or anything? Sometimes you can keep aggravating an injury that can possibly heal if only you would give it the time.

Yes I have gone over a month without anything only rest and no improvement. I realize that I kept aggravating it after the injury by continuing to hang .but never realized I had an injury.. Trying to remain faithful


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