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Newbie problem - Serious

Newbie problem - Serious

Hi guys!

As you see, this is my first post - I have read a lot of material here in thunder’s place and I wanted to start quite conservatively, so I picked the linear routine.
I started with only 10jelqs 3 times the first week, 3*15 the second week and today was my third week’s second day at 20jelqs.
But at around number 16 I saw a really big and “pulpy” (?) hematoma down the middle of my right side.

I am really worried - as you can imagine!!

(I was warmed up and massaged.)

Please.. Anyone?? Can it be serious? What do I have to do?

Thank you for your time

Sounds like a big red dot. Upload an image please.

Hi nmnm,

These things happen. It probably started smaller but you weren’t paying attention and so continued jelqing and it got bigger.

Take some time out for it to heal, maybe up to two weeks, and when you restart be very aware that the location may be a weak spot now. Don’t start back too quickly, let it heal properly.

You also might want to warm wrap the area during recovery.

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It actually like is a big black/blue-ish ball under my skin. Like the colour of a bad bruise.

Definitely a red dot (petecchiae). You bursted a capillary (or more than one). It will disappear in a few days; it is a sign that you have to ease your grip though.

Thank god!!
Ok, I’ll ease my grip..

I am thinking.. Maybe I could give this particular spot a really gentle massage 2 to 3 times a day to help circulation?
(Stupid question?)

^^I would leave it alone for the time being. INITIALLY, injuries respond best to a lack of circulation (this is why athletes use ice immediately after injuries—restricts blood flow thus lowering inflammation, your body’s natural defense mechanism against injuries that is both hurtful and helpful). You want to stop initial inflammation which will result in less swelling a quicker healing injury. LATER is when you want circulation (heating the area, etc). Give it a day or two of rest then try using some heat therapy (do whatever you would do for your PE warmups. I suggest infrared lamp or submerging on warm water, once per day). Good luck.

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