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New to PE, Have I Injured Myself? Help From An Expert Required

New to PE, Have I Injured Myself? Help From An Expert Required

Hi all,

So most probably like most people on here, I thought I’d give a penis pump a try and being slightly over zealous I used it straight away, to my disappointment it didn’t seem to work much, when I used it I felt what is describe as a slight pulling sensation and when I removed it from my penis it didn’t look any bigger than before. It was a oh standard (British phrase for something basic/everyday).

I’m a 26yr old man, the next day I noticed three horizontal lumps running across the base of my penis that we’re not there before, when I press them they disappear and reappear straight away after I’ve pressed them. They’re all on the same side, I used the pump on Friday night and it’s since been 48 hours and it still looks the same. I wouldn’t say it’s painful but more sore and uncomfortable, I don’t know wether I’m panicking but I’m annoyed that I even bought a penis pump now and I’m hoping I haven’t done any lasting damage. Has anyone ever heard of this before at all?
I’d like to know just to give myself peace of mind.

I don’t know wether to visit my doctor or wait to see if it goes down. I’d like to know if any of you have ever heard of this before?

I’d appreciate any help for anyone who’s had the same experience, safe to say I’ll never be using a penis enlargement pump again.

It’s safe to say that this has scared me off.

I’ve had an erection tonight, without the pump and my penis ‘sat’ slightly towards the side with the three lumps it was painful but very sore where the lumps are, they are almost like bands that run from the centre of the shaft (looking from above) on the left hand side and run to the centre of the underneath.

I’ve read about Lymphocele and also penile plaque, I’m not sure 100% of the symptoms of either but I’m worried it could be either of theses.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

First off, relax - it sounds like you pumped to a low pressure and that in itself wouldn’t cause any permanent damage. Various PE injuries happen, and most of it heals on its own within a week or two.

Some questions so people can help you better.
1. Did you use lube?
2. How long did you pump for before removing it?
3. Have you done any other sort of PE before this? Newbie routine? Manual exercises?
4. Would you say that the lumps could be irritated skin, or does it feel like they are beneath the skin?

It’s hard to say what happened, but my first guesses are that either you didn’t lube, and it’s pinched and inflamed skin. Or next either you don’t have much prior PE experience or you spent too long (or too much pressure) in the pump for the first time, and this was too much too soon. If it’s neither of those, I have no idea.

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I agree with BeardedDragon that we need some information. Another couple of questions that need answering :

What kind of pump system?
Did it have a gauge? ( I’m guessing not)

I doubt that you’ve seriously injured yourself. Keep an eye on the symptoms, apply heat and try gentle!! massage.

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Hi, thanks for your replies.

I’ve left it a day or two to see if there was any difference and there isn’t.

Just to answer some of your questions first, I didn’t lube, I’m totally new to this so I suppose I was too keen to get going. The pump I was using didn’t have a gauge nor did I shave before ‘going in’, foolishly I didn’t do much research and because the damn thing didn’t come with and a guide or instructions I went straight in there.

The lumps are still there and aren’t like spots or pimples but more like a horizontal thin band about 3mm wide x 10mm wide and look quite unsightly but they’re all down the left side of my penis mainly towards the bottom to half way up my shaft.

100% they’re underneath the skin and not on top. When I press them they’re soft and go away but reappear straight after pressing them. I only pumped for I’d say a short while but when I removed the pump there wasn’t any suction like you’d expect with a pump it just came right off and there was no increase in size just the same.

I really don’t know what it could be or wether to visit my doctor, it’s not an expensive trip because it’s free in UK but highly embarrassing.

Any help I’d really appreciate it.

Ok, well it does seem odd. But I think it still does fit generally with the idea of the skin catching on the tube wall, folding on itself, and being pinched without any lube. Perhaps a deeper layer of skin is inflamed. I think clgp7’s idea of gently massaging the area a few times a day would help. And that if you don’t notice signs of improvement within a couple weeks that there may be something more going on.

Wish I could be more help, maybe somebody else will recognize the symptoms with experience.

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