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Nerve Damage


L-Arginine is a pretty safe bet, I’ve stopped using the silicone wrap as it smashes the skin too hard and is awkwardly uncomfortable. I’ve been using Ace Bandage Self Adhesive Wrap (you can find at sports depo stores) this is a hell of a lot more comfortable IMO and it doesn’t slide at all.

One other thing is this eliminated the coldness/discoloration from the 1hr usage. I can feel constant blood flow is fine.

Very interesting long grass. Unfortunately it’s way to late for me. My time is up. I had my Chance and I messed the hole thing up. I hope others here will use your experience because the silicon tube will after time make your sensitivity weaker.

Do you take some sort of supplement long grass?

Yes, I take L-Arginine, B-5 (I don’t take for PE, but it could aid in something possibly?). I take the L-Arginine in Shiro Miso Soup, which promotes good blood flow.

Hmm.does this help your erection quality? I mean, do YOU have stronger erections after using the Arginine and do you get “woody on command”?

Holy crap! I just discovered that I lost 4 mm in EL! What is going on?? Two weeks ago when my injury was worse then now, I didn’t have a shorter penis but now 4 mm is just gone!!

This suck! Nerve damage, and a shorter pecker!


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