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Need your thoughts on Injury.

Need your thoughts on Injury.

Little more than a month ago, I injured myself.

I was doing my same as usual routine with DLD blasters and the head was fully engorged and I did this routine longer than I do most of the times. But the next day I had a stinging pain at the head (actually it was the ring around the base of the head called sulcus i think). It became very sensitive and sore and I noticed red dots there.

It was the worse the first day but gradually got better until there was absolutely no pain there after a few weeks. Of course I completely abandoned all PEing during this time. However, the tiny red dots were not completely gone in sight though. After my three weeks lay off, I had a very light session, but the stinging pain returned the next day though not quite as bad. So now I have been applying some Metholatum and I am hoping this time my lay off will actually heal it for good.

Also, I realised that the tiny red dots tend to get larger if I stay erect for too long, and there is some pain for the following few days. I also realized that I have another problem in a vein possibly on the right side of shaft that is hurtful on touch. It is getting better as I am now doing more hot wraps. But I don’t know what exactly this problem is.

I also have a lump in the middle of the shaft that is only really visible when I am completely flaccid. It does not hurt just looks a bit weird. But it is completely not noticeable when I am erect. Is this a thrombosed vein?

I am surprised by the three injuries all at the same time and I am pretty disappointed with what I have done. Before this I had a good 5-6 months of good PEing without any problems and with satisfying gains and good health all around with my penis. Now I have told myself that I want to be completely healed before I pick up PEing again.

I just hope to get some reassuring words from the fellows here, and wish I have not done something to serious.

I don’t have a digital cam to show my exact problem, but I got a penis diagram and have made an outline on where exactly the problems lie. Hope it helps some of the vets here in providing me with some insight.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Definitely getting bigger.


Definitely getting bigger.


Ok, well, it seems there isn’t much to say in regards to these problems. I have read alot also in other posts.

So I will just keep an update here on how I am progressing on this injury.

I realized that my daily warm water soaking and massage wasn’t helping too much. Then I read that using Ice might just be a better alternative. So I have used Ice now on several occasions, and it has helped. Alternating with warm water soaking as well. Currently the pain is almost completely gone, but then again, I cannot be completely sure since I haven’t done any PE at all, and I have also stopped masturbation or anything that might aggravate the injury. Trying to also keep my mind empty and not thinking of “Hot Chicks” either in case of erection.

The veins on the top left of the shaft hardly sting now on touch, but I can still tell it is not completely healed.

The lump in the middle of the shaft has been much reduced but is still visible when my penis is completely shrunk.

The red spots are not visible, but I don’t want to have a long erection yet to see if they come back.

At the way things are going, I think I am going to keep this healing process until the end of June. Afterall I only have 1 dick. And I have been a dumb ass to cause this to myself.

Definitely getting bigger.

I think the dld blasters were too intense for your dick, there are plenty of good exercises which are not that risky. When you feel your dick is healed enough I would start with light jelqing again to see if any of your injuries reappear and to make your veins tougher.


Sorry to hear about your difficulties man. Hope it gets better and keep everyone posted.

I can’t help you myself, but I did look at the pic you provided. All I can say is good size, but you have the weirdest looking penis I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s just me,but the color seems off as well. Was it that color before you started PE’ing?

Your injury is the result of overdoing it, but the concern is why is it taking so long to heal. I believe the primary driver in the healing process is blood flow to the injured areas so you have been doing the right thing with your hot wraps and massage to stimulate blood flow. Alternating the cold and hot also does the same thing. I would think you are getting night hardons and that natural process is the bodies way to keep the penis healthy. So if you are getting nocturnal hardons, I don’t see any problem getting daytime hardons and using a little masturbation to continue to force blood into the expanded tissue and aid the healing.

As you get back into PE, you have to learn to regulate the force you apply to your penis. It is not like muscle tissue that is the active tissue and tells you right away that whatever you are dong is too much. Your penis is the passive tissue in PE and you can dish out a lot more than it can take, so regulate. PE should feel more good then bad, so if whatever you are doing hurts, you are either doing it wrong or too hard, so back off. The penis rule: Pain, no gain.

Jersey -
Haha, Nice one. No, my penis really doesn’t look that way. That diagram was taken off the net just so I could illustrate my point.

To the rest -
Thank you all for the input. Yes, and I do know that the healing process is taking a bit too long. Maybe I should consult the doctor on this. But as you said gprent101, yes, I do get noctournal hardons, so maybe a bit of daytime hardons can’t hurt either.

Also, in regards to what I keep reading, Of course I know that pain is bad. But in circumstances, you don’t really feel the pain, and the problem comes up the next day. I thought I had an absolutely great session with the DLD blasters before the injury. There was absolutely no problem, just the same old routine, alas a bit longer.

But anyways, I appreciate all you thoughts and suggestions, and I shall keep this thread updated in due times.

Definitely getting bigger.

Another Update:

The pain has been completely gone for the past 3-4 days. I had began massaging a bit more.

Some pointers:
1. Alternate with cold and hot sessions.
2. Massaging with some baby oil is very helpful.
3. Do not only massage the place that hurts, but all surrounding areas (e.g. the full dick).
4. Keep the routine up even if the pain is gone, to make certain the veins are completely healed.

Also, I have been having a few thoughts in ragards to noobs beginning PE. I thought I’d add that it could be safe and more encouraging to gains if noobs began PE by first spending 2 weeks just heating and oil massage to prepare the dick for the exercises ahead.

Definitely getting bigger.


Glad to here the old fella is coming along nicely

Hi Lurker,

I have almost the same problem.
It started off different but is now
similar to your symptoms.

My penis has been injured for about
5 weeks now.

I jelqed too hard while fully erect for
too long and then one session was
a “bit” longer than others and suddenly
it was completely numb!!!! Talk about

Now alot of the sensitivity is coming back
but like you, I have stinging and burning pain
around the base of the glans. Like you it gets
worse with hard-ons, masturbation or any
other pressure. After exercise like jogging,
running, cycling etc… It hurts alot too
from the back and forth motions.

BTW, in these 5 weeks, I’ve only masterbated
2x to test it out and both times it hurt the next
day. I have stopped all PE and sex too.

It seems the penis tissues really need to heal
and take time. I am so impatient but I have to
remember that other bodily injuries can take
weeks or months too…the difference is that
I am not so affected if my elbow has tendinitis
for some time but if my penis is out of commission
for a week … nooooooooooooooooooo!!!

I also used ice, and warm and felt that ice was best
for when it’s in pain or burning or stinging to stop
the inflammation and further damage, but heat is
good to bring blood into it to heal.

I will soon be trying some L-Arginine as people on
this board have been saying how great it is in
increasing blood flow to the penis.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

This is a looong process :(


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