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Need to stretch or cut my frenulum???

Need to stretch or cut my frenulum???

Maybe someone can give me some advice. About 8 months ago while having sex with my girlfriend I guess I was going to hard and I tore that little piece of skin (frenulum?) that was attached to the head of my penis. There was alot of blood, but it healed fine. I was happy because that little piece of skin was a big problem for me, let me explain. When ever I would have sex or masturbate I could never fully pull down the foreskin, it would go just below the head of the penis and sort of choke my head, (it would get very full of blood and turn red) The problem is that I only tore very little so I still cannot pull the skin all the way down. I was wondering what should I do? Could I go to the doctor and have him cut the skin allowing me ‘full range of motion’. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated



Yes, the condition you have is called frenulum breve and the operation you need is a frenuloplasty. You should find a urologist to perform the operation. It can be done under local anesthesia, but some patients prefer general anesthesia (completely asleep). Whatever you do, do not let the physician talk you into a circumcision. That’s a radical solution to a simple problem. Good luck.

Thanks alot, the article was very informative. I think at my next doctors visit I will discuss this with him and see what he thinks. Do you know if there are any links with pictures. I would like to compare my situation with others…

Thanks again, and anyone with experience in this situations please post!!!

Internet seach

I found that site by using the search engine at There are many different search sites, but google seems to be one of the fastest. Just enter “frenulum breve” in the search box and you will probably find a site with photos.

i would not say you need to do anything. i have the same condition only i cannot pull the skin back at all, i can only just get it back far enough to uncover my piss hole, its never affected me.


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I had the same thing years ago.

I was too big for my foreskin and PE made it worse.

I considered surgery as my girth got big and the minimal length
gains I got came.

I retracted the foreskin for increasingly long periods of time, during the
day and at night, and certain jelquing routines coupled with this
retraction will evenually stretch that frenulum

Mine now accomodates my 9.75 x 6.75 with room to spare (that’s a
conservative BP measurement). It took a long time and I almost gave
up and even now I have to do maintainence

I guess I will try stretching before anything.

Thanks guys!!

Originally Posted by phat9
I retracted the foreskin for increasingly long periods of time, during the
Day and at night, and certain jelquing routines coupled with this
Retraction will evenually stretch that frenulum

I have this same problem. Just a quick question for you, did you retract the foreskin whilst erect or flaccid? I can’t see how retracting it while flaccid would have any stretching affect, and also what were the ‘certain jelquing routines’, you performed?

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