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Need Help

Need Help

Hi, I noticed these scars showing up on my penis. They look like birth Marks. They’re lighter than the rest of the skin, but there are also dots like these.

Now here’s the strange part, today for the 1st time I see blood underneath the scars. Like is going on!?

I did the fire goat roll and all it did was make it lighter. But it’s soo visibly there. I’m confused. Earlier I had heat damage and I’ve been icing today was the 1st day I healed up and got my 1/2 inch back, but my dick doesn’t feel the same. Maybe it’s also because my infrared heating lamp got weaker, but I have no idea. Maybe it’s just my capillaries bursting idk.
I’ve attached a pic of the spots.
Does anybody know what going on?

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Wow nobody responded

It looks like you rubbed the skin right off. Are you doing things with a bit more force than you should?

No that’s bleeding in the inside. The skin on top is a weird scar. I caused it when I did the squeezes, I always do them but I took a break from heat damage then it was my first day doing it again and that happened. Can this cause venous leakage?

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
It looks like you rubbed the skin right off. Are you doing things with a bit more force than you should?

Man, better go to doctor in such cases. I know, it’s hard to show such things to doctors and you feel like a little kid but better do that or it can become worse. But it looks like some kind of allergy as roseola check here but I think it’s now something very dangerous.

I’m going to second getting it checked out. It could be something minor, but anytime you have sustained internal bleeding probably best to have it checked.

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Updates? Have you been to the doc?

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I never went to the doctor, but it was just my dick not being conditioned. It’s conditioned now. I have been getting annoying puffy skin that pops or hurts.

Originally Posted by 8x6Dream
Updates? Have you been to the doc?


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