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Need Help: Injured Penis Opinions

Need Help: Injured Penis Opinions

I signed up here a LONG time ago with thoughts of working my way towards a good sized penis. I am not sure why I can’t post in other area (probably not enough posts). In any case, I am having issues. I have probably gained .5 inches over the past 5 years PEing. I have ONLY done the newbie routine and ONLY stayed doing the base amount of 200 jelqs, 10 stretches etc. I also would take months off, and haven’t done it for more than a week or two at a time without a break. Several problems. One is my sex drive. I am only 25, with high T levels. I also have high estrogen levels and my sex drive is either high or not there as a result. This always made PE frustrating when needing to maintain an erection. Even when I am “good”, I still lose erections quickly without manual stimulation. So it’s kind of like masturbate for a few minutes > get 20 good jelqs in, repeat. Exhausting and time consuming. I really need to see an endocrinologist to get my hormonal balance in check. I am in the process of getting health insurance and will go this route as soon as possible.

I need to mention I am wanting to take PE more seriously as actually stick to a routine, but I can’t. Another issue I have is more pressing. I had a rash on my foreskin months back, this began when I started a job where I am extremely active and working out for a good amount of hours. I also tend to pass out without showering from exhaustion some days. I attributed this to be that or perhaps yeast from the girl I was having sex with. I thought STD at times but what I have just seems to be yeast, dry skin, and CHAFE. BAD chafe. I am uncircumcised, but after PEing my penis is too long when flaccid for my foreskin to cover it up. As such it is always rubbing against my boxer briefs when I am working out (for hours).

My penis is just irritated, red and sore right now and has been for about a month now. I tend to masturbate without lube and this can’t be positive either. My glands are just very sensitive right now and look irritated and dry. The last thing. I haven’t done PE for a few months now. One thing I have noticed besides the extremely sore gland, is my penis is very “rubbery”. Not in a good way. I remember before all these problems (6+ months ago), I was PEing more and my penis felt full but SMOOTH and pliable even when chilly. Now it just feels.. Tough? Like fucking beef jerky essentially when flaccid. So many issues. I will take just help with each from someone. I definitely need to see the doctor about the sex drive and penis soreness/rash. I’ve been applying yeast infection cream and it seems to put it at bay, but doesn’t seem to be working to get rid of the soreness now that the rash is gone. If anything, it is probably just drying my skin out more. Besides everything else, what kind of lotion/cream can I put on my foreskin to help make it more pliable and stretch it out so I can cover my growing penis?

Hmmm, my opinion… stop PEing for a while and see if some rest helps you out. Go take a shower =P, and maybe switch to briefs if the boxers are causing too much chafing. You really need to get some rest! You claim to be exhausted all the time, and I’m sure this can possibly have a negative impact on your sex drive.

I think you need to take a step back and make some priorities. Especially the sleep. Give yourself a break from PE and even masturbating for as long as you can handle. You should really talk to a physician since you claim to have high testosterone and estrogen levels. You may need to work on your diet and possibly get on some meds. Make sure you’re clean of any STD’s while you’re at it.

You’ve listed a lot of things that can be causing you problems, so nip em in the bud!!

Start: November 2010 (BPEL: 7.5" -- EG (Midshaft): 5.6" -- EG (Base): 6.1")

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