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Need help - bleeding penis

Need help - bleeding penis

Hello, guys. :) I’m new here and I have registered mainly because of a new problem I have encountered but I would also like to contribute more to this forum in the future. Since my problem is urgent and as a ‘newbie’ I cannot post threads in different forums I did so here.

Yesterday, when I was doing my PE routine I saw red drops on the bottom of my shower cabin. Not many, only 3 of them and, of course, I automatically thought them to be blood.

I pondered where this blood could come from when I realised that it must have leaked out of my penis from the urethra. I also felt some unusual tension in my penis, especially in the glans. It didn’t hurt much, but certainly it wasn’t anything pleasant.

I tried to make my penis erect, to see if more blood will come out, but nothing happened. I couldn’t get an erection. I’m not sure whether it was do to the psychological trauma and inability to get excited or some purely physical issues, but neither masturbation nor hot water didn’t work.

I woke up several times during night to urinate and fortunately there seemed to be no blood in my pee. So, the bleeding probably stopped but I still feel some discomfort inside the “knob”.

I decided that I stop masturbating and doing PE’s exercises for a week to see if my penis heal itself.

I want to ask you, what do you think about it and whether I should see a doctor (which I wish not as it would be pretty expensive in my area).

Do you think that I could just wait till my penis will feel all right again and then I might start my PE back?

Thanks in advance for any advices. :)

PS. The blood drops appeared after the 80th stroke of jelqing.
PS. I had 3 erections in the morning, so this isn’t the problem anymore.

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Update: I have just realised that my frenulum seems to hurt the most. Could it be possible that the problem isn’t internal but external and the blood drops came from the injured frenulum instead of the urethra?

Stop PEing for 2 weeks. Seek a urologist.

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There are various posts on Thunder’s Place about drops of blood coming from the urethra. It usually follows the pattern you have described; a few drops, not much more. Usually healing is quite rapid, but any PE for a few days can cause more bleeding, and you must be absolutely sure you are fully healed before starting PE again. I would leave it a week, then start very slowly and gently, and build up very slowly and gently over another couple of weeks.

If you have injured your frenulum, I would expect it to feel very sore and for the site of injury to be external and quite obvious. I think it’s more likely to be a urethra injury. Some people seem more prone to these than others, and certainly they are more common in an unconditioned penis (less than minimum three months of PE), or after starting a new exercise.

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I’d suggest doing hotwraps twice daily in conjunction with taking 2,000 mg Panax Ginseng once daily, while abstaining from PE. Continue until you feel better; it should take around one week.


Yeah, I have just reminded myself that apart from normal jelqing I tried a few “mini-jelqs” for my glans. I squeezed below the head in almost-full erection and pushed blood upward. I stopped because it hurt and continued normal jelqing. After a while I saw the drops, but since I saw them on the bottom of the cabin and not actually leaking from my penis I cannot be sure when it happened.

I will follow your advice and stop for a week or even 2. If pain remains, I’ll go to a doctor. If everything gets back to normal, I’ll get back to my PE, but with a lighter routine.

Many thanks for your respones. :)

You will be fine, this happens as a result of stress to the urethra. You jacked your urethra and caused a very minor rupture that will heal rather quickly, just like a shaving nick. You might have minor discomfort with ejaculations or PE for the next couple of days but thats about it.

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