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Need clampers assistance

Need clampers assistance

Yesterday I was clamping and when I got a really great EQ of 11 (since I was clamped) I started noticing a bulge on the bottom of my shaft which I finally realized was a big vein bulging out feeling like a knot. Is this normal and ok? I don’t know if it has always done that and I just now noticed after clamping for over a month, but my erections are fine, no injuries that thing just bulges way out to where it is scary. It feels kinda hard where it bulges out under so much pressure but when I release the clamp it goes away.

TuggerJoe mentioned this same thing happens to him a few weeks ago and I told him that’s scary but that doesn’t happen to me, maybe him saying that made me realize but I really don’t think it has always happened because this big bulge was noticeable. I have tried skimming through a lot of clamping threads but no luck on this specific subject yet and I don’t want to miss my schedules girth work for today so it would be great for you guys to give me some advice.

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Look up thrombosed veins, maybe you might have one? I remember while I was clamping the base of my dick would “bulge” further than any other part, but I never had any “knots” or anything like that. I think mine was just blood that had collected in that area - it never caused any pain, and until I started over training I never had any EQ problems (please note that when I did start over training I had to take a looooong break).

I don’t know what to tell you. If there isn’t any pain, there might still be a problem - not to scare you or anything. Maybe you should just take a week break from clamping and jelq for a week or 2?

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It’s ok, nothing to worry about.

I have the very same thing when I clamp.

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I have a couple of big veins that bulge out but when clamping I can’t see it because the clamps cover them but when erect jelqing it’s really difficult, kinda hurts if I put to much pressure on them. But I’ve always had them so shouldn’t be anything to worry about I would think.

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