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Need advice

Need advice

Dear All,

Have been PE-ing on a irregular basis of 8 months. My PE process is only sqeezing (not sure this is the term), basically when my fellow is 90% erect, restricting the blood flow with one hand and milking it towards the gland with the other hand.

After a few days of PE-ing, a slight swell will be noticeable on the left side of the shaft below the gland. The size is about 8mm and not blue or red. It is also near to a visible vein. It is very slightly pain. I usually the do the normal reaction to stop for a week till it subsides. The same thing will happen after restarting for a few days.

How could I then resume PE without this disruption? Do you guys recommend other PE techniques. THe method i used seems to be producing small results to my length and girth.

What do you think is my problem.

Thanks all advices in anticipation.


try laying off longer, say three weeks to a month. Let it heal all the way.

It sounds like a borderline thrombosed vein.

I know it’s hard to stop but there is not other way.

Thanks Phat9

I have tried stopping for even longer than a month and were totally heal (without the small swell).

Maybe stop squeezing and do other PE excercise like stretching and Jelqing.

Thanks again.


I had a recurring problem like that when hanging and I finally just gave up hanging.

Six months later I fiddled around and I have not had a problem since./

Mine was similar to yours, a “knot” on the prepuce.

I don’t know much abour your routine. One has to work up to high erection manual
techniques. Try varying the squeeze pressure.

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