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My thrombisis story

My thrombisis story

I debated for quite some time on whether or not to post this story. It is neither informative nor is it exciting. However, I feel as a simple matter of record, I should post this for other newbies with similar experiences.

In short, either from overzealous pumping without a gauge or jelquing (Im betting the pumping), I developed a thrombosed vein in my penis. I was not diagnosed by a Dr., but after much researching, I decided that it could not be anything but. 2 weeks ago, I noticed “BB” sized bump on the base of my penis (maybe 1/4 inch up from the fat pad) sitting just left of the Dorsal vein. It was not sore to the touch. I didn’t think too much of it, but kept an eye on it. Over the next week, I began feeling a bit of tenderness around the area. As I began to explore the mass with my fingers more closely I realized that it was a large blockage in one of my veins. When I laced my penis through the fingers on my left hand (creating pressure from the bottom of my penis) I could not only feel and see the blockage, but I could feel the hard, backed up vein running down my penis and into my body. It was pretty unnerving. I decided Thursday, I would take Friday off from PE as I was going into the weekend hoping to give myself a full 3 days rest. Saturday morning, the blockage had cleared and everything was back to normal. I know, pretty abrupt ending. However, as I stated above, I just wanted to throw this out there as my experience with what I believe was a thrombosed vein.

Very nice of you. This would be a great place if everyone was willing to document what they experience.

Not a bad idea to add to this thread ones experience with this progress-halting affliction. Yes it is upsetting to have to stop gaining in the midst of growth. Boo.

I caused myself the “guitar string” on the right side of my unit about 6 weeks ago. Only slightly painful, and for a while attempted to “power through it” and keep hanging and clamping because it wasn’t so bad. Well, that didn’t help. Started reading the threads, and decided to take a break. Took about 3 weeks from then to clear up using heat, massage, vitamin E supplement, and low-dose aspirin. I got back to it intending to take it slow, newbie style, but became excited because after a break, gains come quick and apparent. Well it only took two days to come back with a vengeance. That was a week ago. This time, I’ve added ginko biloba (120mg, 3 daily), L-arginine (500mg 3 daily), and as much fresh garlic as I can work into my diet. Along with heat, aspirin, vit. E, and massage. I can trace this vein from the shaft into the pad and pretty much all the way over to the hip joint. There are a couple of tender spots along the way, so the massage is concentrated there.

My home situation will be changing soon, and I don’t think I will really have time to get back into it for a while, so I think I may be done for some time :-(

I can think back to an original incident which likely caused all this in the first place; Clamping too vigorously. Do not do this.

Best of luck with all y’all dealing with this and other injuries. Get better, and go slow when you get going again. Really slow. These things are pernicious.

Peace, and keep it up!

So, I guess my question is this; Has anyone reading this had a nasty T-vein, healed it, and was able to successfully continue PE without recurrence? If so, then how? It seems to me at this point that this may be something that will keep rearing it’s ugly little stiff tension again and again with even the slightest provocation.. Eh?


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