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My solution for discoloration


and another variation, timing is a little different.

The second approach, which is preferred by this author, is contrast therapy. Assuming the absence of vascular damage and thrombosis, the contused area is treated with moist cryotherapy. This may be by moist ice bag, frozen silicone gel wrap, or a vessel containing ice water depending upon the appropriateness of anatomical part being treated relative to the method chosen. The moist cryotherapy is applied for no more than 10 to 15 minutes ensuring the absence of cyanosis of the region being treated. Immediately following moist cryotherapy, the part is then transferred directly to moist heat. This may be by moist heated silicone gel wrap, moist hot pack, or a vessel of warm water. Application of the thermal agent is maintained for five to eight minutes, after which the part is once again transferred to the moist cryotherapy for 10 to 15 minutes, again ensuring the absence of cyanosis, after which it is again transferred to the thermal agent. The final agent used prior to discontinuing the treatment process should be moist cryotherapy.


‘In my case, a lot of the discolouration in my affected area results from the accumulation of varicose veins. Many veins are still accumulating across previously unaffected areas even though I have not jelqed for nine and a half weeks!’

How do you know these are varicose veins? Has this been diagnosed by a doctor or is it an educated guess on your part? If it is diagnosed, then yes- to my knowledge they are irreversible. There is a surgery to remove them, but I am unaware of this surgery being used on the penis. I guess it would depend are where the valves are.

If you do not have a diagnosis yet and do not have vericose veins elsewhere (like in your legs) it could be something else like this ‘leaking’ that I have posted about above- BTW thanks Bib for that… If it is the leaking, then I would think heat, not ice, would be indicated- but if you have a lot of discoloration I would suggest you get a diagnosis first before doing much more to stress the tissues.

the contrast modality may work for discoloration, but I doubt it will be near as effective as the heat and massage. It didn’t work for me- and I will continue to use heat and massage and end the day with a single application of ice for 2 reasons- it works for me, and it makes the most sense physiologically. For an injury there are other ways to go as pointed out in the hyperlinked post, but not for discoloration. All ice is going to do is turn the fluid to sludge and make it immobile IMHO.

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'


I understand, just want to put those ideas out there, so people can experiment. I know I will. Thanks for your ideas and for uncovering Bib’s wrapping thread, I would of never found it.


Since my original post I have been experimenting with different ‘massage creams’. My current one that I just put together is: approximately 80 percent bag balm, 10 percent pure cocoa butter, 5 percent pure lanolin, a couple of liquid vitamin E’s that I cut open and put in, a dollop of pure aloe vera with colloidal silver added to it, a teaspoon or so of calendula infused olive oil, a few drops of the essential oil lavender, and a few drops of tea tree oil. Very soothing and healing :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

So what´s your final thought? First ice, then warmth, then ice again? Or just warmth and massage, or the contrary? I am curious as I think my dick is geting more and more of a “suntanned” appearence…. There must be a theory wich works as “cooldown” after a workout either it´s jelquing, horses, or stretching? What do you say? Where to start?

Restarting everything.

Damn! I am confused!

I also have discolouration which I got through over-doing vacuum pumping, but that’s another story. I also believe the discolouration is due to blood getting into areas it shouldn’t and staining the tissue, kind of like a tattoo. When this happens the pigment in our blood, haemoglobin, which carries oxygen, breaks down into something called hemocidrin (sp?) over time.

For a while I did some more pumping but at less extreme vacuums and it seems to have diminished a lot of what I thought was permanent discolouration. Perhaps this was due to the lymph build-up helping to carry away the staining?

In my opinion, the discoloration and bruising is from forcing TOO much blood to that area and is a sign to use alittle less pressure. I experience once in awhile small dark spots on the glans (like a freckle) which disappear after a few days. This is my way of judging how much pressure to use and adjust it accordingly. I have no spots now and still make good gains,(I always hot wrap before jelqs or I get freckles) some may argue that not enough pressure is being applied to make good gains in my case, but everyone is different and everyone should be getting to know theyre body better by using PE methods. I think thats the most important issue here knowing yourself and your limits. Our body always tells us one way or another if we are overdoing something. Im by no means a veteran of this forum but have been using PE for about 2yrs and very happy. If it wasn’t for everyone here I couldnt have hit the goals I set. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being here, and the best of luck to all.


Oh by the way, the worst injury Ive had (and has happened more than once) is when I was snowboarding and landed on my tailbone a few too many times and bruised it to the point where sitting was a painful experience. lol As you can imagine getting an erection was also very painful and you can totally forget about the Kegels. Thought Id share that one again.



My discoloration is right below the glans it has changed my once pink member into a mulatto one.

starting blocks march 19 2004 6.5 bpel 5.5 girth bpel-7.75 eg- 6 3 months 1.25 inches in length 1/2 in girth. Last month sitting idle because my tool is now black instead of white.

Originally Posted by 2in2002
OK, I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I think I found a real easy solution to the problem. I have been gradually getting darker on the underside of my penis as many people have on these boards, and here is how I am dealing with it.

I use a hot pack for about 5 min or so on the underside of my dick. The way I do this is to flip my dick onto my belly, thus exposing the underside, then put the heat on it. After the heat I just gently massage the underside towards the pelvis. I could actually see it getting lighter as I did this. I don’t know where the fluid went- hopefully it is re-absorbed in my body.

I repeated this process 3 times and it was all gone. I don’t know if it will work for long-term discoloration, but I think if you catch it right away this may be the answer. I am going to do this in between hanging sets and see if it is kept at bay. Hopefully some others can try it and report back. I would hope both those with long-term and brand new discoloration will try it so we know if it works on both types.

This is just a light massage with 2 finger towards the pelvis, just enough to move the fluid or old blood or whatever it is. Good Luck :)

Well I’ve only been PEing for 2 weeks now so lets pretend I never have..
Before all this PE stuff I’ve had these dark spots on the head of my penis about 3 or 4..
I’ve had it ever since a kid so I know it’s not from PEing so what would you suggest I do?should I stop PEing and just concentrate on getting rid of the spot on the head and how should I remove them off the head?

If you are expecting an answer from 2in2002, its unlikely (but not impossible) that it will happen.

Pe generally causes discoloration so doing the PE first and then worrying about the discoloration seems like a good option.


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