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My Penis went on vacation...

My Penis went on vacation...

I’m not really worried about increasing my penis size, but I was definitely hoping to increase my EQ which wasn’t bad at all to begin with. I would just have days when I was an 8, and other days I’d be a 10…

I pump twice a week, using two 10 minute sessions back to back with a massage in between usually on Wednesday and Friday… I also tried the bed fowfers the Thursday night before…

I didn’t plan on it, but after my pumping session on Friday, I ended up masturbating and ejaculating because it felt too damn good… that was around 3:30pm… met my girlfriend at the gym around 5:30 and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. Afterwards, we went to her place, and ended up having sex. Lasted about 20 minutes…

Ever since that night, it seems that my spontaneous erections are gone… no morning wood since then. I’ll get maybe a 20-25% erection in the mornings, but that’s it… I was able to get myself to about an 85% erection this morning in the shower, just as an experiment…

I think my penis is just tired… I’m going to leave it alone until the weekend, because I definitely want my booty… we tried Sunday, but between not being in the mood, and just coming in from the cold weather, I just couldn’t get little Willy ready to go.

What do you guys think? I’ve felt some slightly semi erections going on today, so hopefully he’s resting and recovering…

Start: November 2010 (BPEL: 7.5" -- EG (Midshaft): 5.6" -- EG (Base): 6.1")

If you have a nice gf/wife, you can sit back in the chair and relax yourself while she puts in some oral work. If you are not pressured, things will have a way of coming to life and restoring themself.

Hehe, thanks for the info… she tried Sunday, but during that time, she asked me why it was taking so long to get hard. That made me feel bad… The semi I already had building up took a nose dive… (the psychological side of things sucks too). And I did feel extremely pressured when I wasn’t in the mood and just spending two hours in 40 degree weather, I was all turtled up =)

Start: November 2010 (BPEL: 7.5" -- EG (Midshaft): 5.6" -- EG (Base): 6.1")

My penis called me last night… said he should be back by tonight or early tomorrow…

The girlfriend and I went to one of the ritzy brick oven pizza joints last night… the hostess was probably 19-20 years old and hot!! She was wearing some khaki shorts that fit her perfectly… she had one of the nicest asses I have ever laid eyes on, and of course, she was having a crack attack… you know, an ass that is round but not fat, perfect handfuls. Any of you guys ever get that sensation in your penis that feels almost like an instant electric shock? Well, she did that to me… I could feel a firm flacid come on fairly quickly… my tongue got hard too =D My girlfriend is just as hot, but here lately, sex is on her terms and my sexual drive seems to be on a different schedule 50% of the time… maybe I should start taking supplements so that I’ll be available spontaneously… I definitely want my EQ to improve!!

Start: November 2010 (BPEL: 7.5" -- EG (Midshaft): 5.6" -- EG (Base): 6.1")


Just give your unit a rest for a few days to a week.

Been there and done it a good rest always helps. Plus training your unit then having sex all the time wears it out.

At least it does with me.

I had the same issue when I pumped and also when I wore my extender for too long per day (12 hours with 2 hour increment breaks). I was over working my unit and had the same symptoms that you speak of. Take a break for a bit. Maybe, when you start back, lighten your routine a bit. You will be good as gold. No worries mate!

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You ejaculated twice in one day- What do you expect? It ain’t a boner machine. It’s made to reproduce and once you ejaculate you signal that the job is _DONE_.


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