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My Penis Story -Newbie Needs Help lengthy REad


My Penis Story -Newbie Needs Help lengthy REad

Okay so here it goes. I’ll be 23 this year and when I was around 18-19 I “broke” my penis which is why it curves to the left now, I believe they call it Peyronie’s disease even though mine is more mild, and I’ve lost some length as well. Some of my symptoms are erectile dysfunction and a lot of numbness (it’s hard to tell now). Sex is normal.. Sometimes, the first round of sex for me I can usually stay full Erect (was 6in but now I’m 5.5) pics coming soon. The second time I attempt to have sex I can get hard but I can’t stay hard for more than a couple minutes. I usually have to take extenze pills to help me out. I think the Peyronie’s causes this problem but it can also be excessive masturbation or numbness. As a young man struggling with this, it has really taken a toll on me. I literally went from 3-5 rounds of sex in a couple hours down to 2 if I’m lucky. So did my research about it and I bought an extender(quick extender pro) double strap system. I haven’t had much luck with that. Anyways if your an experienced member can you please add me and share my post to the other forums? I can use all the help I can get. I basically want to start doing exercises while using my extender. Thanks for reading and sharing. Add me.

Add you to what? You are already a member of the forum. Have you been diagnosed with pyronies by a medical professional? How did you “break” your dick? More info is needed.

Let’s put all that aside for a minute and assume there is nothing Wrong with your dick. Ditch the extender and start the linear newbie routine, if you do not have an existing injury. You do not need devices to do PE and most find manual PE to be more effective.

Some details of how you broke your dick would help us help you.

I haven’t gone to a medical professional I’ve diagnosed myself, I broke my dick while having intercourse with someone. I went from perfectly straight to curvature to the left. My symptoms explain that I have Peyronie’s disease. I have scar tissue build up on the right side of my penis which causes the curve to the left. I have horrible numbness in my penis and suffer from erectile dysfunction. Please ask me any questions you need to. I meant add me as a friend on the site, I cannot post to every forum yet and this is related to injury.

I moved your thread to the injuries section. I still find it hard to believe that you just broke your dick and never went to a doctor. I can go on webMD and diagnose myself with just about anything I’d like. If I were you, I would go see a urologist and express your concerns.

Most guys have a curve to one side or up or down. The penis is not perfect and will have some character to it. You may upload pictures in this forum of you choose to do so.

I’m not going to sit here and ask you a million question s about your alleged condition either. If you fell you have information that’s relevant please post it. It will help other guys help you. You sound like a nervous young guy who just needs to relax to me.

Yeah go to a doctor. I can’t see any scar tissue on your CCs and neither can you. You’re postulating based on symptoms you can’t verify.

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I’m not a nervous young guy, I’m actually very experienced in sex and my symptoms are what I said they are. I put my age up here and people start assuming things. The only thing I need help with is with the symptoms I was telling about. I’m too young to be having erectile dysfunction and numbness. Yes I have gone to a urologist before and he wasn’t any help to me. I hope this answers some of your concerns. I just need help with my symptoms and getting bigger.

Hi man, change doctor, try another urologist. You can’t do a self-made diagnosis, and is not serious if someone do it for you on a forum, or if give an help without know what is the real problem. Some expert users can probably help you when what you have has a clear name, not a supposition.

Good luck.

You can break your penis through intercourses. Actually it is way easier to have penile fracture by intercourse or even masturbation than throudh PE exercises. Do you have some pics of your penis?

I’m going to post some pics for everyone so they can see how curved it is. Like I said it is not too serious but the symptoms are real and are there. I would definitely relate this to a penile fracture during intercourse


The first picture I uploaded is a stand still of how it rests on me, notice not only does it curve left but it’s also tilted/twisted plus the curvature. The second photo I uploaded is me holding so you can see how much it actually curves. It’s curving from the middle of my penis and not just the base. It sort of reminds me of the letter Y. Please give me your feedback. I’d like to use remedies from my home and avoid surgeries. Exercises and my extender may help me out. I also have a penis pump if anyone wants to create a routine for me. My ED is very bad. The only thing that keeps/ gets me hard is stimulation. My numbness is horrific. The way I have sex is all mental.

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You don’t have Peyronie’ disease. Your ED is not caused by a broken tunica. The symptoms you are describing make me think to high prolactin levels or anyway a chemical issue, not a traumatic one.

Can you explain what you mean by chemical issue ? And also if I do have high prolactin, is there any vitamins or anything I could take for that? I would also like to note that this has been something that has been going on for a few years now, at least 4. I’ve almost forgotten what normal sex feels like due to my numbness. I’d say that I’m more concerned with my numbness problem because I think that is what’s causing my ED.

Go to the doctor and ask for a hormone panel. Have him check for elevated progesterone levels. Or you can takr vit b6 at a certain dose and see if this changes anything. There are also drugs and vitamins you can take. I will not recommend anything that’s not natural because of the sides it can have. Drugs that lower prolactin can sometimes be nasty with side effects.

Chemical issue could mean low testosterone, high estrogens and other things (the number of chemicals that can affect sexual function is absurdely long).

Proactin inhibitors (like Dostinex) could sheld some light. I would do a total hormonal check. Don’t take any drug without a trusted doctor advice though.

I can’t avoid to take note that you first said that you never spoke with a medical professional of your issue, in the next post that you spoke about that with an urologist.

I have seen a urologist before but not for this issue. He kind of just scared me off because Doctors only want money, and since I was this young guy at the urologist they didn’t take me seriously and it was kind of embarrassing. Is there any routines I can start doing to increase my chemical levels? I’m going to stop masturbating for a couple months or longer due to my excessive habit along with having sex all the time. I think slowing my role can help me out too, but everyone who has been commenting trying to help me out means a lot to me. I’ve been alone in the dark with this personal issue for quite sometime. It’s kind of nice to be able to talk about it.

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