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My PE-tragedy


I just posted this in another thread. I think it gives a good picture of my current condition ;)

Hi Daysdrag,

It seems there are two possibilities: (1) Your problem is (mainly) physical or (2) your (main) problem is psychological. The two cannot be separated completely. For instance you might have experienced bad EQ (due to over training) and this caused a lot of anxiety and in the end ED.

First of all: DON’T PANIC!

Let’s say your problem is physical:
(1) Unless you really did beat up your dick REAL bad (excessive stretching or high erection jelqing, hardcore clamping or so) PE (alone) probably didn’t cause your problem. Only you know what you did, and from the routine you mention it doesn’t seem to be the problem. The body will recover.
(2) Is there a history of impotency in the family? They can test you in different ways, your have to know for sure! Chances are very little that your problem is mainly physical, and chances even smaller that it’s caused by PE.

If the problem is psychological:
It might have to do with your psychological condition in general: It seems you had some kind of eating disorder. This shouldn’t help your PE, and to me it’s a sign that you might not be too self confident. I don’t know if this is true, but be honest to yourself and don’t be afraid to admit if you have problems of that kind. Your could have all kinds of complexes, and I know it’s hard to admit, and you might feel like a failure when going to some psychologist or sexologist for the first time, but it might help.

I injured myself badly. I’ve been on a break for months and I’m still not fully recovered. But I’m getting better. I had many of the same symptoms as you did, but I really had beaten up my unit. I was sure I was never going to get back my good erection, I visited the doctor and tried some ED drugs (be careful not to get addicted to these and take it easy with the supplements!). I was depressed and didn’t know what to live for (with this limp of mine). After visiting the doctor and receiving advice from people here at Thunders I got better. I realized that when leaving my penis alone at least it wasn’t getting worse. And although it was crap I started to appreciate the bit of function I had left (though I had to be very conving to myself). Then when worrying less about my whole condition I felt much better, and I realized that I was slowly healing. This speeded up the process.

I’m currently doing kegels every day. My EQ is getting better - It quite good now. I still don’t think I’m physically or mentally ready to re-start PEing, but maybe someday I will. I love my penis more than ever though I lost my gains ;)

My advice: I had a girlfriend. This put a lot of pressure on me and made everything worse. When it started to get better and she was enjoying it more it had the opposite effect though. Kegel and do some exercise (this increases the testosterone production, that is it makes you horny and gets your mind of the bad things). Try this, it really worked for me!

Best of luck for you! I’m sure you’ll make it ;)

Start date 10th of juli 2007 - Start measures BPEL: 7" / EG: 5,25". Goal: The 8x6 (BP) would make me the happiest man on Earth ;)

I’m going to be alright. My ligs are even getting tighter. My EQ is getting better. I’m kegelling quite a lot. But that all for now…

Start date 10th of juli 2007 - Start measures BPEL: 7" / EG: 5,25". Goal: The 8x6 (BP) would make me the happiest man on Earth ;)


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