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My glans string is severely damaged =/


My glans string is severely damaged =/

I need to go public with a problem im experiencing, maybe someone had the same.

The thing is, me and my girlfriend got one of those nasty sex periods. We had it on like 4-5 times a day, for a week.
Now, my dick couldn’t exacly handle that. That little string that leaps at the back of uncircumcised men, got more and more sore.
But my south american girlfriend really turns me on, so i kept pushing it.. a little more…
I am able to have sex, if i take it REAAALLY slow at the beginning, holding the skin back while i push the first times. Then, the string gets
warmed up and can take more pressure.

This was 2-3 months ago, and it hasn’t even began to heal.

the damage looks kinda like this:

Healthy string:


My string:


Swollen and purple reddish at the edges, with a “cut” in the middle.
2 weeks ago, i had a tiny tiny fleshwound in the middle of it. that bled. The wound is gone, and the whole string looks more healthy..
But i still experience severe pain if i pull the skin down real fast.

Please, what the hell should i do?! I can’t sustain from sex very long. we both love it.
And i can’t live like this.
Should i chop it off?
Sorry for the long post,


Go to a doctor for help.

I had something like you had. Mine was a tiny cut in the “string” from too much or too aggressive intercourse (less severe than yours though.. Mine didn’t bleed). I had to take a break for a few days. I think I tried a bandaid and some neosporin and it helped, but it falls off easily. I’d recommend taking more than a few days off and cleaning it very throughly (maybe even with peroxide) to reduce a possible infection.

I’d go see a doctor if it still hurts though.. You’ve had it for at least two weeks

Originally Posted by Retainer

This was 2-3 months ago, and it hasn’t even began to heal.

Hell yea you should se a doctor. I had some problems with my string, but it went away as fast as it came. It broke and I got a fleshwound. This was when first started masterbating.

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We can probably save you the doctor’s fees:

Give it a rest. Two weeks. No sex, no masturbation. Let it heal.

It won’t be easy, but you must let it repair itself.

I dont mean to be scientific but i dont understand string. What I’m thinking of is the frenulem(spelling?) Sometihng with an F. If its that then I know what youre talking about.

That’s the frenulum. It’s that line or “seam” that goes down the underside of the penis and middle of the testicles.

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Where I live they refer to tearing the frenulum as ‘splitting your banjo’ (!?!). I’ve never experienced it personally, but I would have thought that due to it being enclosed and damp most of the time it would hinder the healing of any surface scars. I’ve used 3% H2O2 on my unit to clean up and remove scabs from over vigorous use and it did a fine job.

Westlas advice seems right on to me. I think there is a case on the forum that someone documented where they wanted it cut away to avoid repeated tearing. If I remember rightly the doc suggested that it’s very common and that time left alone was the simplest option.

Perhaps after leaving it alone for a couple of weeks you might be able to try keeping it retracted for a while in order to stretch it out again? I’m not speaking from experience though.


Here’s a thread by Ahund when he had surgical assistance on his frenulum tear.
Partial tear in frenulum


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I actually had this thing cut some years ago because it was too tight. Go to the DOCtors

You need this sorted NOW! Stop the sex and get booked in at the doctors. I had it donkeys years ago from a similar experience so I know the worry. You didn’t mention if you had told your girlfriend about the problem, but she needs to know simply because the constant erections won’t be helping the problem either. Get booked in at the doctors because it won’t just go away.

Yeah my girlfriend knows about it, and we have kinda adapted our sex life to it. We can have sex, and furious sex that is. But sometimes she forget and drag my foreskin down too fast, and it hurts like hell.
thanks for the thread Peforeal, i read it. So this is not going to heal back to normal, ever =/ That’s what i was afraid of.
I´ve had trouble with this frenulum occasionally, since i was 15. From beeing to sexually active, it gets sore and needs healing. Falling asleep with water based lube on dick (happened more than once. :D ), makes it dry and give damage. Im so tired. Maybe its time to cut it off. For good!

I’ll make an appointment with a urologist monday. It’s nice to know that the operation and examination is free, if the consider it being a physical or psychological problem to me. Well it is. :)

Thanks for all your support! I’ll get this thing sorted out now.

I had something very similar, scared the crap out of my girlfriend and I… we were having sex, bit of a quicky and as I pulled out of her there was blood everywhere! I knew it wasn’t that time of the month and started to panic, then she started to panic! I washed some of the blood off and it started to sting like hell and continued to bleed. I managed to wrap a bandage around it and stop the bleeding.

I left it for a week before trying to have sex again, which turned into a bloody (and painful) mess. Left it for two weeks and it had pretty much healed and just left me with a nasty little scar.

It still causes some trouble from time to time, but you learn to recognise the problem and deal with it pretty quick!

Yesterday, my girlfriend came home from her three week vacation. We tried to get on with it, but she was too tight during this non penentrating period.

However, this weakened my frenulum severely, but no direct damage done.
But today,when i was doing my morningly stretch to my penis, THE FREAKING FRENULUM BURSTED! Blood everywhere, and right now im scared to death. I called the hospital, and got an appointment in about an hour.
I had to keep pushing it, hehe

Ok, no luck there. They told me to give it some time to heal. And after it has healed propertly, i am to burn it off to prevent future injuries. They told me to buy a cup to wear while i sleep, to prevent friction against the sheets.
This might be the hardest thing i had to do in my entire life. My girlfriend just came home, after three weeks, tanned and totally in shape. And now, i can’t even utilize her… :D

Westla, i should’ve listen to you. I’ll REALLY try to let it heal now. I think that i have to masturbate maybe every second day… Or get so freaking horny that i can’t even sleep. embarissing, but a fact.

Wish me luck! :)

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