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My dick is a POS


My dick is a POS

Here is my story, I don’t know what to even think right now, I would love some insite.

At the beginning of this summer I injured my dick by jumping into hanging. I couldnt get an erection for a couple months.

My erections came back, all was good. I slowly started to do less than half of the newbie routine two or three months ago. No gains, firm flaccid.

I posted a thread on here, which i was advised to pick it up a little bit. I did four full routines of 10min warm up, 10 min stretch, 20 min jelq, and 5 min cool down.

My EQ went to shit, my flaccid got worse.

For the 7 days I have:

Cut back on smoking
Massaged it daily
Got in the hottub, sat in front of an electric heater
Drank lots of water

And nothing, my EQ is shit, I havent had morning wood for the past 7 or so days, and my flaccid is still firm.

Any opinions? I really would like to start PE, I need an experienced member/s to give me a plan to stick to to fix my problems please.

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You just have to rest and don’t worry. No PE until your EQ is completely back. It can help to hear an urologist to fix your anxiety: mental side can become the major factor at a given point, so knowing that there isn’t anything broken in your penis will help for sure.

Jesus man, two months with no erections? Did you see a doctor in that time? That sounds serious! As marinera said, maybe there was an anxiety component after a certain point.

I wouldn’t worry about enlarging your dick at all until your erections are as rock-solid and consistent as you want them to be. Before you started hanging, did you ever have erection problems? You mention smoking, and smoking can sometimes lead to premature dick issues, which may be reversible if you quit.

I suggest seeing a doctor.

Any apprehension of getting bad news from the doctor is unmerited, especially since if there is something wrong, going to your urologist isn’t going to change the state of your penis. Worst comes to worst and you tell him/her about your PE habits and (s)he thinks poorly of you. I would rather have my doctor have a poor personal opinion of me then to be unaware due to fear.

Penis before ego.

Not trying to come across as an ass. Let me know if I do.

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I could get maybe 60% erections, and I would have no doubt if my mental side had anything to do with that after a little while.

I never saw a doctor, I don’t feel I am to that point for some reason. Good news is I finally had a weak morning wood this morning, maybe 70% EQ.

How long do you guys think this should take to heal so I don’t have to keep guessing in my head? I am just going to leave my dick alone for a while.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Thankfully my dick is coming back. Flaccid is firm less often and morning wood seems to be back for the past two or three days.

EQ is so-so maybe 70-80%, and it looks like I lost some size unfortunatly, but I am not sure yet.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Keep on resting it. Maybe every now and then, gently massage your dick and keep it warm. Don’t worry as long as you see it is coming back and still working. Soon, it will be back to normal.

Rest untill it’s better, doing exercises on an un-well dick will be counter productive. You might also consider taking something like l-arginine when you do get better to counter the effects of smoking (coming from an ex. smoker).

I’ve read some interesting stuff on bedtime low doses of viagra or cialis to promote night wood.

I’m sure someone here can explain why oxygenating the penis multiple times during REM sleep helps overall EQ.

Have a urologist check you over.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Geeze. Sounds like you picked up your intensity too much. Try just adding more jelqs in number when you’re well or just slightly ramp up your grip. It’s a very gradual thing, very much like weight training. You may be able to bench 170lbs, but don’t expect to bench 200lbs two days later, rather maybe 175lbs or 180lbs.

Until your member is completely back to normal just let it rest. Maybe vitamins and a higher protein diet could help.

If I were you, I would heat up my unit a few times throughout the day to get good blood supply in the area. I would also do a good kegel routine, as this will bring more blood to the area over time.

Have edged at all? Try watching some great porn and go for it; your EQ should jump up a bit when you approach the PONR.

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My unit seems to be getting much better, but not 100% yet. It seems all of the warmth and massaging is brining him back quickly.

Greenlights- I have been running and weight lifting to help with circulation, and I generally get in the hot tub every day which Im sure must promote better circulation.

Optimum-How do you know when you’re getting night wood? Normally my teenage sleep patterns are so out of whack I can get 2 hrs or 12 hours of sleep and I simply have no clue.

Milas- Yeah I definetly did do way too much. I was getting firm flaccid from the light routine too. Perhapes I didn’t let it heal, or what was ever too much. I’m going to start with a very very light routine once I’m back to 100%.

Man-of-10- I was doing kegels, but I didn’t want to do anything PE while Im healing. I did a good amount of kegels for 2 or 3 weeks and saw nothing. Was that not long enough? As for edging, it doesn’t seem to do anything for me, usually my mind changes when I get to that point and I just go all of the way through with it.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Glad to hear you are doing better. Try to take a lighter approach next time.

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Originally Posted by iamaru
Have a urologist check you over.

I’d recommend this too. Unless you’re over 60 or 70, it sounds like your dick is way more “out of shape” than it should be. I would guess that the smoking is at least partly to blame, but you can’t know without seeing a doctor.

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