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I have a minor injury that I can’t determine the cause of. On the right side below my shaft where my scrotum attaches to my body - If I press my finger in where the scrotum attaches (below shaft, above testicles) I can feel a small pea sized hard spot that gives me a sharp pain. I cannot feel this pea sized hard spot on the left side, just the right. I do not experience any pain at all throughout the day, during intercourse, or even when doing PE which is a good thing. My rotine lately has been hanging an hour SU, an hour SD, and horses for about a half hour-45 minutes for girth. I wouldn’t think the hanging could cause an injury there as I am targeting the ligs and tunica and have been using no more than 10 pounds. The horses simply target the entire shaft, so I can’t see them as causing an injury down by my scrotum either. I never experienced any pain DURING PE which confuses me. Anyone experience anything similar or know what it could be? Thanks!


Might want to have a Dr. examine you. You’re exercising for almost 3 hours a day, and Horse440’s are a fairly advanced exercise, so there’s definitely a possibility that you may have injured yourself with your routine. Hernia, cancer, haematoma, lig. damage are all a possibility, so a blood test might not hurt either. See what the doc says.


Well I was doing this routine basically 2 days on 1 day off and have been doing it without increasing the intensity at all for about a month. I could see if I increased the intensity or the duration of the routine or how often I did it - but being that everything stayed constant I can’t understand how I would have caused the injury. Anyway, it feels 50% better today so I’m going to give it a few more days and see if the pain is totally gone. I was just curious if anyone else had experienced anything similar in the past.

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