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minor injury, what does it sound like?

minor injury, what does it sound like?

hi everyone,

i have no bruises or wierd colouration, just a mild tingling and a little stinging sensation on the left side of the shaft closer to the head and also in the head. i think i just went to hard with some 440 squeezes.

i have continued doing my exercises since i noticed the pain because it was not that bad. but during my exercises i get the discomort pain and stop.

so im wondering if anyone else can shed some light on this and maybe some advice on a rest time for an injury like this.


Hey kinda sounds like the pain i had when i injured myself doing manual stretches.But i had red red spots appear on both sides.and i also tried peing right after and it hurt more.i would suggest no matter what that you take at least a week off.i took bout 2 weeks and i was fine after that.hope this helps.

yeah, thanks, two weeks is what i was thinking too

it dosent hurt when i piss but i have noticed that it is very tired and not a very good full feeling and a healthy feeling i would get from PE; it also seems like has shrunk because of the injury. like how shitty is that!!!

Sorry dude i should have wrote PEing lol sorry


Read the other injury posts and you will certainly find relevant information. Use the search function for tingling, nerve damage, shrinkage, whatever… until you find what is going on.

The way that you have described a shrinkage and it not feeling healthy means that you should listen to your instincts and give the unit a rest.

It is definitely overworked and you may develop a more serious complication if you don’t take care.

The normal measurement should return with rest.

well guys i waited two weeks and started PEing again and sure as hell the same part on the left upper side of the penis has a stinging sensation. i dont know what to do, i wanna PE right now but whats the point when its still hurting.

whats a good light routine maybe i could try?

anyother ideas would be appriciated,


this problem im having may be my left pc muscle, because the pain runs actually from bottom to top (just before the head).

so anyonw with this problem?

is there anyway i can get my pc muscle is healthy shape?(the obvious pc flexs)

Is this stinging an all the time thing, related only to when you are PE’ing (or having sex or masturbating), or more of a shooting pain with occasional occurrence? Do you have any distended or hard veins? Do you have an small hard lumps near veins?

If you feel that PE’ing with this injury is increasing the discomfort radicaly then you should probably not PE. Also were you having sex or masturbating with any frequency or duration during your recovery period?

hey memento, sorry for the delayed reply.

umm the pain is still with me now:( ive tried stoping PE twice before with long rest periods and still it persists:( when i try starting up again. the wierd thing is its not that painful or anything, just annoying and threatful.

the pain is rare during the day and really non-existent, might notice alittle discomfort but really nothing at all. no hard or distended (what ever that means:) ) viens.

i think im going to have to stop again for awhile:( with out sex or anything either:( :( :( , geeze i really dont know what to do, its cronic!

When people start talking about stinging/throbbing/shooting pain or similar that is long lasting, I start to think about nerve damage but this sounds more like overly weakened tissues. Maybe one of the medical doctors on the board will venture an opinion.


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