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Mild pain at the opening of urethra

Mild pain at the opening of urethra

I’ve been a manual stretcher up until now and use a grip that could be described as “head crushing.” I haven’t had any problems with it for about three months, but just recently something must of changed as there is a slight twinge of pain at the opening of my urethra(glans opening). I spread apart the walls of the whole, and the whole interior for a good 2/3 cm is red and raw. It almost looks like it’s been scraped up.

Of course I’m taking a full break from PE until it heals but…does anyone know how I can hasten recovery? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.



Does it hurt to urninate?

Have you had unprotected sex?

I’d talk to my doctor, you don’t have to tell him what your doing, but I would still question him.

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Sorry about that; maybe i should have been more clear?

No, I have not had unprotected sex. It doesn’t hurt when my penis gets erect, nor when I ejaculate. It only hurts when flaccid and then only in random positions. Also, it hurts quiet a bit more when I’m dehydrated.



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