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Maybie PE injury

Maybie PE injury

I was wondering if anyone has felt like a tingling spot near the base of the penis. I dont have any visual swelling or spot or anything but it seems like there is a sensitive spot. I was worried that I might have herpes, but I dont think is really it. I was wondering if it was due to PE. It seems that PE really irritates it and I think it will go away in a few days. I was just wanting to get some oppinions on this. The sensitive spot seems like it is about the size of a tip of a pencil (sharpened one). I did shave about a month ago to the skin, dry shaved and it is all grown back now. What do you guys think?


could just be an ingrown hair, you know good hair gone bad

Just wanted to get some more attention to this post. I was wondering what kind of PE injuries have happened. I know we all start out thinking that that wouldnt happen to some one like me(kidding). But I think we all need to know what to look out for. If some of you more experienced guys have some PE injuries to talk about I would appreciate it. I have been taking a few days of PE, but I just cant stay away from this forum. I have decided that if I get a blister, then I got herpes, if I dont, then I dont. I shouldnt get all worried about some sensitive spots. But since it has kept me from PE, I think it deserves a little attention.

PE Injuries

I have had— and other guys have reported—- sharp short pains near the base of the penis or deeper in the ligs after hanging.

I have had a bit of blood at the tip of my dick when I jelqued too soon / too vigourously after hanging.

So far still alive and in working order.


Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

Common sense and moderation are key to developing and maintaining a long term PE program. I recently put myself at risk to injury by not paying attention to what I was doing and just figuring, “It will never happen to me”. The bottom line to me is my dick is one of this most sensitive and complex parts of my body not to mention important as well and I need to keep this is mind always while PE’ing. A good rule of thumb might be if your in doubt either don’t do it or take it very, very slowly.

You could figure it this way, in order to make good gains after the intial wow this stuff works period will take a year or more, and it really can’t be rushed in 9 out of ten cases .

So inspite of youthful energy and a I gotta have a bigger dick now mentality do the warmups, get a plan and try and stick with it. You will have to make some adjustments along the way but in the end IMO this is the way to go.

Sorry to get a little off track hope this helps.

Injury update

I had gone to see the doctor about this condition I was asking about twice. I had two different cases of it. I was more concerned about getting rid of my worries of an STD then having to put up with the inbarasment of telling a doctor about PE. He seemed really understanding and was telling me how common he sees people doing odd things to there penis to injure it. But he said the penis is really receliant and will get over most cases, just dont bring out a hammer or anything. My condition I was experiencing that started this post was diagnosed as folliculitus. I guess that was a hair thing. I was told to put some heat on it to help it heal itself, and it would go away in a few days. It went away completely in about a week.

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