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Maybe a T Vein, Hopefully Just Overdid it a little

Maybe a T Vein, Hopefully Just Overdid it a little

Hey guys,

Today after my jelq/pump session I decided to try out some new girth blasters in my final jelq set. During this, I felt some pain and decided to stop and immediately took a warm shower and massaged the area. Upon inspection the large vein that starts on the top, left side of my penis seems a little bigger than normal, but still soft when pressed upon it. I was under the impression that T-veins are hard, so I wasn’t sure what this was. I’m going to take a little more advil and lay off the PE tomorrow - let me know what you guys think. I admit I’m a little scared as this is the first possible injury I’ve had with PE aside from some red spotting and minor bruising. Thanks

Welcome to my world,

I get this exceedingly often, and the first few times I thought it was natural expansion. If you see this you have to stop. If you see this you have to stop. If you see this you have to stop. If you see this you have to stop. If you see this you have to stop. If you see this you have to stop. If you see this you have to stop. Ok, maybe by now you have, and let it go back down to flaccid at best, or at least until it is no longer there. This vein is usually the deep dorsal vein on the left side, and mine is only just re-vascularising. It is particularly prominent if I do some girth related jelqing and try a squeeze at the top of the jelq.

If you see this you have to stop.

I didn’t stop and I ended up with a sore vein, scared as hell and unable to get any for two weeks. I don’t know what will happen over time, but I expect that either you condition your unit to take the treatment without this effect, or else you end up just having to modify the treatment you’re giving it.

Look at the T vein thread under injuries for any insights.

Don’t worry, I’ve stopped. It is a little bit sore, but nothing extensive. It didn’t hurt to get an erection earlier today. Is there anything I can do to speed healing aside from taking some advil? How long does it usually take for it to go down for you?

It’s not something I can put a unit of time to, but rather just an awareness of the state the vein is in, usually by wrapping the semi hard penis over a few fingers so it points down I can see if it is too engorged to continue. I’d just stick to checking all the while you PE and stopping at the first signs of that specific vein swelling. Try heat, of any sort- no specifics, and possibly massage at the top side at the base as this is where the veins travel, gently however, it’s a soft massage, and will deped on your fat pad thickness.

Give it a day or two, sounds like you’re ok.

Whew! Thanks for your help Bam. I had a doc I know take a look at it (saved me a visit to the urologist) and he said it was definately not thrombosed and I may have just irritated the vein a little. Today it is feeling much better. I’ll probably wait until tomorrow and then start with some light PE and see how it feels.

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