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Lymph Vessels

Lymph Vessels

Well, first of all I have been here for a few months now and have encountered my first injury. I have clogged lymph vessels on my member. I have read a lot on here concerning them and there really is not to much mention on how to heal them. There is a lot on thrombos veins, but not lymph vessels. So here goes the internet search. I found out a great deal about the lymph system and how it works and what it is for. If you know this stuff already and I say something wrong, please correct me.

First of all, the lymph system is to remove “trash” or “waste” from your body. It is not under any kind of pressure like your blood is and therefore if it gets a blockage, it has no back pressure to clean itself out. (As a matter of fact, one of the sights said it had a siphoning effect to it). The only way to do this is by light and I do mean light massaging of the blocked area. If you massage it to hard you stand the chance of collapsing the vessel and this will cause the whole process to take longer. You need to massage the blockage in one direction only, towards your base. Now, in my case the lymphs just below my glands were blocked. This caused several things to happen. First, I always had the donut effect because the fluid just could not drain properly. Next, the right side of my shaft stayed swollen for the same reason. Now these swollen lymphs felt like hard plastic under my skin and was very sensitive to anything (sex, self satisfaction, jelging, clamping, etc…) I finally started reading up on them and treating them to get rid of them. I would put “lymph drainage” on google and just read what I found. A lot of the sites recommended herbs, but I did not do any of that stuff. I did use EVO to see if it would help and it very well may have, but I can not say that for sure. I do know that they were not as tender when using it.

One of the sites that I read recommended massaging your vessel starting at the base to clear anything that might be in there already and work your way up to the main blockage. I did this just like it said and could literally feel the “lumps” moving down my shaft. I have been doing this now for a week or so and I have just about gotten them all. As a matter of fact, I jelged for the first time in about 5 weeks yesterday and other then having the normal “newbie” swelling, I was back to normal. I have seen a whole bunch of threads talking about this subject and I thought that I would give my two cents. I hope it helps some of you like it has helped me.

Best of luck.


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Hi there longman. “Now these swollen lymphs felt like hard plastic under my skin and was very sensitive to anything (sex, self satisfaction, jelging, clamping, etc.)”. After reading that line you wrote, I associated it with a problem I have circa around one year, even when I had no idea that PE methods existed. Here’s a description of my problem: Near the base of my love pump, I have those two, or three, really hard veins that doesn’t feel like flesh or anything human. There’s this one big vein with one big bubble to it and another one much smaller than the first one. It’s not red and it doesn’t hurt like hell would but it’s still pretty sensitive for a vessel (hell on my lovepump,ouch) so I assume it’s not a thrombosed vein.

The main reason why I decided to reply to your post is that I would love to get rid of that remanent issue of mine (because it’s not always there, I would compare it to a sneaky bitch thing). Can you please develop a bit more about this massage that helped you to get rid of your problem?Like talking ‘bout the massaging method you used,etc. Thanks a lot.

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