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Lymph fluid bluid up


Lymph fluid bluid up

Hey, I’ve already send pms to firegoat and sparkyx who were nice enough to read what I wrote and answer me.
I’ve decided to paste the pm I sent them here:

“I have an annoying problem in my shaft, and unfortunately browsing the internet I have found nothing similar.
At first I felt tougher tissues and grainy stuff and even one bump which started to grow.
I thought about Peyronie’s, got checked by two urologists, nothing (one said my CC at the base was a bit crushed (this area near the base filled less) , it should come back to normal within months, the other didn’t mention it ).

I have then thought about Lymph fluid (have a hardened thrombosed lymph vessel/ artery), and have found out swollen lymph nodes in the groin area (massaged them away).
It seems I have finally understood what is going on in my shaft. It looks like I have stage 2 (at least close to stage 2) lymph edema/build up spread everywhere in the shaft.

“With stage one the tissue is still much like normal tissue, its just satiated with fluid. As the swelling continues and as he fluid changes to that protein-rich fluid referred to a lymphorrea, you enter into stage two. In this stage, the tissue become very similar to a grape (best image I can think of). Already it is becoming much more difficult for antibiotics to reach bacteria and it becomes less responsive to the decongestive therapy.”

“The long-term accumulation of fluid and proteins in the tissues leads to inflammation and eventual scarring of tissues, leading to a firm, taut swelling that does not retain its displacement when indented with a fingertip (nonpitting edema).
Affected areas may feel tender and sore, and loss of mobility or flexibility can occur.”

Sparkyx also mentions lymph fluid build can become a problem overtime as it apparently may become more solid.

I have a lymphocele which has reduced but still come and goes at will .

I massaged it towards the base and away for a while, now I do it from time to time but it seems useless, I prefer to let it rest. The material feels the same as what I had in the groin.
I obviously stopped PE (for more than a month).

Clearing whatever little lymph fluid I felt in the pubic area/lower belly seem to have made the penis a bit smoother.

Yet when I’m erect (and my EQ is currently bad, hard to reach erection, even harder to keep it erect for long) I still feel weird things in the channel (from base to top) right under the superficial dorsal vein, wider, under the skin (not into it).

I don’t know anymore if I’m overlooking at my shaft and paying attention to things which should not matter, I don’t think so, but you never know. So far I have only guessed and self diagnosed my problem .
I don’t know anymore what a normal shaft feels like, when erect, is there this tougher channel, a bit grainy, irregular when you press it? Could this be due to squeezing exercices which would have developped the tissues this way, a bit the way it does with ribs?

I was suggested castor oil packs, some say it’s great for lymph fluid, but most use it as a beauty product. I’ll give it a try though.
Same for neosporin, I saw it mentioned, but I can’t buy it in Europe, and I don’t even know if it’s worthy my effort, after these are antibiotics.

For more details on my progress and the injury you can have a look at my log on pegym , starting here…html#post952712
and this thread…html#post952942

I ‘m pondering buying an IR lamp and gently massage it under the heat, while erect.

Any feedback other than puking, laughing, and “it’s all in your head” is appreciated.
I’ll keep this thread updated if I get any improvements.
Being sidelined certainly told me lesson, if it can teach the lesson to other lurkers , well I’ll be glad!
What’s even more frustrating is to be unsure of the what the problem is.

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Ir lamp idk because those lymph things are supposed to be inflammation which obviously gets worse with heat, but buy it man maybe it works for you.

I dont remember what a regular shaft feels like either, all I know is when I look at porn guys with a smooth one they don’t ever touch it vs a slightly veiny or even hard core PE’d( looks like goku).

I have a little schlerosing lymphangitis from jumping into clamping real soon, but that never got worse than when it appeared. It looked bigger at times, but that’s because my girth gain was pushing it out.

About the lymph channels that are right next to the veins I am not educated in anatomy too much so I dont know. I know some PE’rs have dilated veins that are borderline guitar strings.

I have all veins considerably thicker from years of girth training, and have even gotten four guitar string type vessels. When I noticed those I thought “fuck my life this is what I shouldn’t have”, but my boners weren’t weak, my shaft never snapped in any way (actual tearing of the tunica) to have a nasty curvature.

So from my experience if you get morning wood your dick isn’t breaking down. But its your dick man not mine so just do what you think works be it massaging, or any way to drain your hardened vessels.

I have one hardened artery/vessel ( no colour, heart beat, no pearls), it is much thinner now but still a bit hard. This is not my main concern although it is the reason why I stoppped PE in the first place.

There are lymph channels below the superficial dorsal vein, and it seems to be where I feel al the grainy/tough material. I was doing well with PE when I decided to stop. I’d like to clear this, at least try to for a good amount of time, so I can say it was abnormal and whether I was spot on or not on my diagnosis.

Guitar strings vessels don’t sound good to me, where are they?

I also believe this tougher, half solid material was hindering my gains and even started to shape my shaft in some places (kind of a hollow where the urologist said it was crushed, little upward curve which didn’t exist before). The main problem is I PEed over this for ages (more than two years) without noticing, and I believe my blocked lymph nodes and vessels in the groin area prevented the accumulated lymph fluid (through PE) to escape the shaft, and it stagnated there.

The lymphocele is definitely a clue there is some lymph problem. Do you mean lymphocele when you talk about your sclerosis? Or other lymph vessels in the shaft?

Walter does it feel like a string of pearls along the shaft? What were the exercises you were doing?Sorry already answered one when typing this.

In this channel under the superficial dorsal vein it does, it feels grainy, kind of half solid half liquid.
From what I remember I still made progress, it used to feel the same in other areas of the shaft, but I can’t be assertive either.

Don’t worry I’ve read tons of threads dealing with lymph problems on thunder’s , pegym, and all over the net. I never came across my description, I doubt I’m the only one to have suffered from it, most likely people didn’t notice since it doesn’t happen overnight and doesn’t interfere with sexual life.

Lymphocele is the pearly vessels that massage away and sl is a hardening that needs time to disappear, but its like a mysterious sickness.

The guitar strings are unnaturally hard veins that are likely mentaly dead at this point and are never going to revitalize since I continue to PE.

When I noticed my dick veins were getting so palpable I managed to grip a vein from my backhand, and it felt as rigid as my superficial dorsal.

Lymphocele= lymph fluid build up under glans

Sclerosis = hardened vessel (lymph vessels are made of little valves stringed together)

Doesn’t sound good to me but it’s your pen!

So I bought castor oil and an IR lamp.

I’ll give castor oil packs a try as soon as I receive the oil.

EQ is very low, can’t maintain an erection and struggle to get anywhere near being hard even though I haven’t released for days. This has happened lately, so I hope it’s only temprary I didn’t do any damage while massaging the penis… Might have to do with the porn reboot, yet it has been a month already..

I’ll keep the thread updated.

“fluid buildups under the glans” if its hard, and never goes away im pretty sure its sclerosing lymphangitis. Treatment is just not exacerbating it too much, and it resolves mysteriously over some months. Obviously being a PE addict, this isn’t going to happen for me.

Be sure you’re ed isn’t psychological man we don’t want you worrying more than necessary. Whenever I have had anxiety it even made me turtle most of the time.

You’ll get better man, the penis is a tough organ to kill through conventional PE.

I’m pondering whether or not to give dmso a try. I don’t want to use it to enlarge the penis, but to deal with these tougher (+ less elastic) tissues, and the base of my left cc which doesn’t fill up as it should.

I’m starting to believe lymph build up is now mostly in the tissues under the dorsal vein, and other tougher tissues may be, well , I don’t have clue,tougher tissues.

I know they’re not scar tissues as I was checked.

I ‘m sure IR lamp + castor oil pack+ light stretching will help . I’ll have to wait a few more days to give these a try.

First castor oil use, coupled with IR lamp. I love the IR lamp, no changes so far with the pack, I’m giving it a go for a few days and will see what happens. I also just massaged castor oil in the shaft under the lamp, I’m guessing this is less thrifty. I believe the plastic used in the castor oil pack helps keep the heat on the flannel? If so when I use an IR lamp it’s pretty useless right?
Next step is dmso + doppler exam (which would diagnose only part of my worries), or ignoring this and continue life and PE and my new and beloved IR lamp.

Edit: I forgot about vitamin E which is also worth a try.

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So after the first castor oil pack, I checked a video and did a proper castor oil pack later. I have a bit of asthma,I was a bit more oppressed lately, and even though I didnt take my treatment yesterday and today, I’m feeling better than I felt before . Horniness wasn’t too bad either, I still can’t keep the full erection it subsides really quick. I may do a doppler to alleviate any physical causes. I prefer to leave my worries to a doc rather than bite my own lips for weeks. The shaft itself hasn’t changed though.

We’ll see what happens after a few days of successful castor oil packs, the only thing I can say so far is it was great to try it. Thanks to sparkyx for the advice.

Erection quality is absolutely awful, I ‘ll most likely go for a doppler in the near future (if possible). It is mostly done to see if there’s venous leakage, but can we spot thrombosis, arterosclerosis and scar tissue too (I believe it wouldn’t fill up well )?

So I’m wondering if any of you know if a cavernosogram provides more relevant info than a doppler exam? It seems the doppler exam only inform us about the blood inflow in the penis through the arteries.

I intend not to masturbate or PE for a while (again), would it be healthy to pump lightly (3hg max) for short sessions ?

What kind of asthma medicine are you taking?

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