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Lymph fluid bluid up


Originally Posted by Walter5169
So I’m wondering if any of you know if a cavernosogram provides more relevant info than a doppler exam? It seems the doppler exam only inform us about the blood inflow in the penis through the arteries.

I intend not to masturbate or PE for a while (again), would it be healthy to pump lightly (3hg max) for short sessions ?

If you are going in for a diagnostic procedure, stop doing anything for two weeks before you see the doctor. You do not want even the slightest element of something that would compromise the testing.

Ok thanks for the advice, I’ll see if I give a go to light short pumping sessions for a few days or if I go to the doc straight away.

Magnesium oil (magnesium chlorid hexahydrat) (google magnesium oil lymph(-ocele) !!!)
mag oil (mag chlorid with water) is readily absorbed by the body. Massaged in or in a bath.
Should be standard procedure in every ailment but mag is a basic often overlooked or wrongly used(bad stoamch absorption) AND low as we have clcium heavy lifestyles(antagonist).

Castor oil is great too. All the good stuff in it but not as good absorbed by skin. (a wrap in cloth and palstic wrap aroudn it for soem time is good)..

You might also get info about DMSO which is killer in combo with Castor oil. (but DMSO needs some safety guidelines you need to read up about). DMSO penetrates almsot all tissue and helping to clear up pathways or transport other beneficial stuff into it8but it could also transport bad things in !!)

I have already gathered info on dmso, and used it a few times (with iodine). I don’t feel at my ease with it, but could use it for a short time span. Although I’m not sure absorbing castor oil in the body with the help of dmso is a good idea (I know it was part of Thacker’s formula). I didn’t know about magnesium oil, thanks. I made castor oil packs , heated them under an IR lamp, should be decent as far as absorption is concerned.

Lymphocele is almost entirely gone, it seems to come back very quick though.

So I (again) avoided masturbation and PE for the last 9 days, and lately had a few decent erections at night, one during the day, and yesterday while I edged very briefly I ended up with the nicest coolest looking erection I’ve had in a long time. Lymphocele still come and goes randomly, without any obvious reasons. I wonder if castor oil + dmso could cure this quickly, but I don’t know yet how safe it is to use castor oil along with dmso.

I’ll have to test my new pump , but won’t look into pumping for a while.

I even believe my left base is fillinf up properly, but will not venture further into a world of false hopes. The dmso+iodine may or may not have helped initially (didn’t use it more than a few times), along with a special stretches which target this particular area. Let’s see what happens in the future.

So I will receive hormones test results next week, did a flaccid doppler, no calcification, no thrombosed veins.

I resumed PE a while ago and no particular problems so far , no pain, nothing.

I just thought I would post this, may be interesting for some.

I used iodine + undiluted dmso a few times in the past, and stopped . The dmso led to weird stuff happening to my left eye. As for iodine, I could feel something happening in the middle of my chest.

I can state the first symptom was a hamrful, I don’t know about the other one, and I am not look forward to finding out.

Hello everybody

I am telling a solution to fluid build up that worked for me. It was a physiotherapist I went to sometimes to tell me

“The hearth is the muscle that regulates the circulation of the blood, the diaphragm the one that regulates the circulation of lymph”.

From then I started to do breathing diaphragm exercises and the fluid build up I had for quite a while just went away in a few days! What a relief that I can start jelqing again.

The skin that used to be so thick now is back to normal and I feel like I am “breathing” again down there.

I know it could seem a quite strange process or at least so it seemed to me but apparently the diaphragm recalls the lymph up and put it again in circulation anyway you can easily find videos on YouTube and it is easy to do, lay on the bed with your knee up and feet down. Put something under your head and your hand above your belly than instead of breathing with your chest, breathe with your belly.

Have a nice day


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